Modern Warfare 2 players split over Activision plans for new “premium” CoD in 2023

MW2 and Warzone 2 charactersActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players appear divided over the news that Activision are planning a “full annual premium release” CoD for 2023, with Infinity Ward’s title initially expected to have a two-year life cycle.

The future of the Call of Duty series, especially taking into account the success of the Warzone battle royale games, is perhaps less clear than it’s ever been before.

Initially, it was expected that Modern Warfare 2 would be given an unprecedented two-year cycle. The same luxury was also expected to be afforded to Treyarch’s 2024 installment.

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However, February 6 saw Activision double down on their past comments and point to a “full annual premium release” in fall 2023. In other words, it seems likely Treyarch’s next full CoD title will drop later this year. 

The news, naturally, has divided the CoD community. 

MW2 players split over CoD 2023 announcement 

Some players have already criticized MW2 for not featuring as much content as the F2P Warzone 2, despite costing $70. 

That feeling has continued, with many unhappy at the news because it again reduces the amount they can expect from MW2 for its hefty price tag. 

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A meme from one player focussed on this, describing it as “the state of gaming in 2023”. 

One Redditor responded to echo OP’s sentiment, saying bluntly: “Activision can’t wait to collect your money again just to give you another piece of half a**ed “content”.” 

A second post took the form of a “pact” against a new CoD in 2023. 

“Considering how unacceptable and lackluster the content in this game has been, this talk of a full premium release this fall is concerning,” the player argued. “I can already see the path that CoD is going down. They will focus on Warzone and slowly phase out MP in terms of content. You HAVE to boycott the 2023 release if it doesn’t deliver.”

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Others, though, argued in favor of a new title. One said they’d got hours of fun out of MW2 and welcomed the addition of a new CoD title: “You’re gonna have to tell me why it’s so unacceptable and lackluster… [I played] 145 hours before I uninstalled and moved on….pretty solid for $70.”

Regardless of the split in opinion, Activision does seem set on moving forwards with their 2023 plans.