CouRage says pay-to-win Roze skin is ruining Warzone and wants it removed

Roze Skin in Modern Warfare next to CouRageActivision / 100 Thieves

YouTube streamer and 100 Thieves content creator Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has joined growing calls for developers Raven to remove the Roze skin from Warzone.

As far as skins go in Warzone, they’re not as sought after as in some other titles, like Epic Games’ Fortnite. The first-person nature of Call of Duty means that enemy skins are seen far more regularly than your own.

However, that’s exactly the issue with the Roze skin. Many players have criticized the outfit as being too dark and subsequently invisible when playing in shadows.

While skins in Warzone are completely cosmetic – meaning they don’t have any impact on gameplay – the difficulty players have identifying Roze skins means that users are at an inherent advantage.

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Roze skin from Warzone with the Warzone logoActivision
The Roze skin is incredibly dark – and many players argue far too difficult to see.

There have been increasing calls from the community for changes to be made to the skin because of the advantage given to players using it. Warzone fans have even been sharing tips and tricks to counter Roze players, as the community unites around the issue.

On March 6, 100 Thieves streamer CouRage added his name to the list of people calling on Raven to make changes to the skin. “The Roze skin is ruining Warzone,” he tweeted. “It should 100% be removed from the game. It’s impossible to see players in shadows.”

Responses to the tweet were varied, with some players suggesting that the Roze is not as difficult to see as CouRage made out. However, others praised the 100T content creator for using his influence to call on Raven to adjust something the community has been frustrated by since Season 5 of Modern Warfare (when the Roze skin originally dropped as the Tier 100 battle pass reward).

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Because it featured as a battle pass reward, many pointed out that it would probably be easier for Raven to simply make some aesthetic adjustments to make it more visible, rather than to completely remove it from the game and result in millions of players being owed a refund of some sort.

Whether CouRage’s voice can be the catalyst for some change remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to update you if any changes to Roze are made.