Simple Warzone trick perfectly counters ‘invisible’ Roze skin players

Roze skin from Warzone with the Warzone logoActivision

Call of Duty: Warzone players have got a simple tip that adds a little bit of flair to the Roze skin users and prevents them from hiding in the shadows.

Ever since Warzone launched in March 2020, players have complained about certain things within the battle royale being “pay to win.” These items are available via the battle pass or in-game store with CoD Points.

The biggest headache, though, has been the blacked-out Roze skin that lets players hide amongst the shadows, making them somewhat invisible.

Players have called upon the developers to make a change, either to the skin or the lighting of the battle royale, so this is no longer the case. However, others have taken things into their own hands and found a way to add color to enemy Roze skins before the game gets underway.

roze rook skin season 5Infinity Ward
Roze’s Rook skin is easy to see in the light, but practically invisible in the dark.

The idea comes from Reddit user TheMazilla, who notes that if you can spray paint a player using the Roze skin in the Warzone pre-game lobby, the paint will stick around once the game actually gets underway.

Now, it’s not a case of just hitting them with your favorite spray and then they’ll be colorful, the player cannot die once you’ve done it. So, you need to spray them, hope they stay alive, and then they’ll be covered in paint.

It’s a simple trick, but it might be a little tricky to pull off, given how hard some players go in the pre-game lobby. But, if you can do it in those final few seconds where fighting stops, the Roze sweats should get a surprise.

  1. Find a Roze skin in the pre-game warmup
  2. Spray them with a colorful spray
  3. Make sure they don’t die after being sprayed
  4. They should now be colorful in-game

Other players noted that it’s something they do regularly as well, so it’s not just a case of it working for one person.

You will have to make sure that your bullet impacts and sprays setting in enabled in the graphics too, so that you can see your handiwork in-game.