CouRage explains why he had to uninstall Warzone for his “mental health”

Activision/YouTube: CouRageJD

100 Thieves co-owner and top YouTube streamer Jack ‘CouRage’ Dunlop has explained why he has uninstalled Warzone after the Pacific update, saying it’s affected his mental health and made him dread going live since Caldera dropped.

The Warzone Pacific update, which saw Call of Duty Vanguard fully integrated with the battle royale hit, has definitely split opinions of its player base.

While a new map was highly anticipated, it launched with a number of bugs and changes that have caused division among players, such as the alterations made to Loadout Drops.

Now, barely a week after Caldera first dropped, CouRage has already uninstalled the game and promised to move on to playing and streaming other titles instead.

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Warzone Pacific Caldera mapActivision
Warzone’s Caldera map has caused division.

In the video he posted explaining his decision, CouRage talked through the major issues he has with Warzone right now, discussing how they’re affecting his overall enjoyment of the game.

While he explains that the Loadout Drop changes, terrain, the delay of anti-cheat, and a number of other issues have impacted his enjoyment of the game, it all added up to a strain on his mental when trying to stream.

“I’m done centering my content around Warzone,” CouRage said. “I’ve more than come to terms with the fact that means making less money or potentially lose a sponsor or two. But I can’t do it for my mental health. It’s making me dread going live and I’ve now come to realize that Caldera ain’t it for me.”

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CouRage has long had a love/hate relationship with Warzone. Having played and worked in Call of Duty extensively in past years, he spoke out about the main issues with the BR title in February 2021, almost a year after it launched.

He had stopped playing for some time and didn’t revisit it for a couple of months after, either, though he did start playing it once again in the final few months of Verdansk.

CouRage might not be the first streamer to leave Warzone for now, either, based on how some players are finding Caldera so far. They and their fans will be hoping for major changes down the line, just like CouRage.

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