Comedian Dane Cook streams Warzone 2 but stream snipers ruin it immediately

Warzone 2 splitscreenActivision

Flash grenades in Modern Warfare 2 continue to be a little too good for the taste of many in the player base. Dane Cook, a popular comedian who tried his hand at Twitch streaming will probably hold the same opinion now after what happened to him on stream.

Flashbangs, or flash grenades, have been a staple of the franchise since Call of Duty 4. But they seem to be way more popular and effective now than they were in previous entries. Especially in Warzone 2 and DMZ where the new backpack system allows players to bully others with a stun or flash grenade spam.

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Such a thing happened to Dane Cook, the popular American stand-up comedian, when he tried streaming Warzone 2 on January 22.

Dane, probably unaware of how the streaming world operates, quickly fell victim to stream snipers who wanted to annoy or possibly harass him.

One such up-to-no-good player decided to lock Dane in a chain of flashbangs. The comedian had to endure eight full-on eye-straining bursts of white light before the player ran out of flash grenades.

Dane Cook bewildered by the flash spam possible in Warzone 2

Dane looked on in disbelief as the flashbang explosions lit up the room around him.

“Wow. This is just crazy. Never seen anything like it,” is what the comedian said when the barrage finally stopped.

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Players of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 have voiced that the flashbang tactical equipment needs to be adjusted or changed in some way. Many suggest a “dark mode” version where the screen goes black instead of white, or at least the effect should not be so aggressively bright.

Dane’s encounter with it showcases how bad it can get, as with each explosion his entire room gets engulfed in white light.

The way looting and backpacks work in Warzone 2 definitely open up tons of possibilities for strategizing. But they also prove useful for players who want to annoy or “troll” others, since you can load up your backpack with tons of stun and flash grenades to unload on unsuspecting victims.

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