CoD Zombies fans want huge Outbreak changes before Vanguard

Outbreak zombiesTreyarch

CoD Zombies fans are still enjoying what Cold War has to offer, however, before Vanguard rolls around in November, players are hoping for some huge changes. 

Treyarch has a winning formula with their Zombies mode, however, there comes a time in every game’s evolution where fresh concepts are introduced. Acting as a way to re-energize gameplay and keep players engaged, sometimes old classics need a facelift.

To add new layers of depth to the experience, Cold War Zombies introduced the Onslaught and Outbreak modes. 

Onslaught remains a PlayStation exclusive for now and has seen a multitude of maps enter the fight. Outbreak, on the other hand, has opted to take Zombies in a pseudo-open-world direction. Treyarch will be taking the reins on Vanguard’s Zombies direction, but before that happens, fans are asking for changes to be made. 

Outbreak is a larger Zombies experience.

Outbreak has massive potential

Outbreak arrived earlier this year, with the addition of round-based map Firebase Z. Rather than confine players into the trapping of traditional survival, this new adventure allows players to play at their own pace.

Set within huge Warzone-style biomes, players can complete various objectives for rewards, currency, and more. Biomes like Zoo have kept the mode alive, but avid fans are keen for some big changes before Vanguard arrives.

Commonly seen among player demands is the need to cater Outbreak’s maps to the experience. Feeling more like an extension of Fireteam or Warzone, it seems fans aren’t getting the same level of terror from mainline maps like Die Maschine. “Less special zombies and more normal zombies, more fun objectives, and maps specifically made for Outbreak not ones ripped from Multiplayer,” suggested one fan. “More zombies and maps that aren’t so bland,” echoed another.

“Maps need to look like zombies maps, not MP maps” commented user JoshV78 on the state of Outbreak’s current setting. Round-based objectives do appear within Outbreak, but ultimately settings like Golova and Ruka are extensions of Cold War’s multiplayer. 

Because of their humongous size, these maps can often feel empty. Like others, Reddit user MastermingGamingMace has a simple solution, add more zombies.

The Zombies experience lives and breathes on the intensity of their undead enemies. Swarming the player and adding consistent pressure is what leads to moments of greatness, despair, and hilarity. Outbreak has the potential to channel the same energy, if more enemies are around to battle. 

Vanguard has a special opportunity to bring the entire Zombies community together like never before. Treyarch struck gold with the World War 2 setting in World At War. Bringing them back to the trenches feels like brilliance is within arms reach. Whether Treyarch can deliver the goods remains to be seen.