CoD Zombies fans raise concerns about Vanguard switch amid rampant bugs

CoD Zombies character running with othersActivision

Cold War Zombies fans are raising their concerns in the build-up to the launch of Vanguard especially as frustrating bugs continue to rise to the top of their list of worries. 

CoD Zombies fans have celebrated some truly incredible moments over the years. From the release of Zombies Chronicles to the conclusion of the decade-long Primis/Ultimis storyline, players have seen some mystifying events. That isn’t to say there haven’t been some bumps in the road to get here. 

Different developers have tried their hand to reinterpret Treyarch’s original vision, be that Infinite Warfare’s Zombies in Spaceland or WWII’s Final Reich, with varying results. 

Vanguard will mark a franchise first, as game-mode pioneers Treyarch will return to oversee the direction of the beloved survival mode going forward. However, some fans aren’t as overjoyed to see Treyarch return for another round of undead madness. 

Cold War Zombies expanded its horizons with the introduction of Outbreak.

Fans are worried about Zombies’ future

Last month saw the release of Mauer Der Toten, the latest chapter of horror in Zombies. Bringing players back to the familiar setting of Berlin, much like Kino Der Toten before it, the map has been mostly well-received by casual and hardcore players alike. The map’s success hasn’t completely washed away consistent worries. Frustrating bugs and odd glitches continue to hinder the Zombies experience. 

Zombies player FistfulOfEssence is one of many players voicing their opinion on the current state of the game. Reportedly happening to multiple players, a persistent bug keeps preventing players from progressing further into their fight for survival.

Rappels were introduced into the game, following their implementation in Warzone first. Making it easier for players to access otherwise out of bounds or tricky areas, this addition is supposed to be a luxury of sorts. Now players are finding themselves stuck between Rappel points, in an endless state of traversal. 

“Yeah that’s why CoD games should have minimum 2 years for it, but this just shows why you shouldn’t even buy it when it comes out for a while,” said one fan after witnessing the bug.

The nonsensical bug doesn’t seem like it can escape either. As there has been no official comment on this as of yet, players are beginning to worry that the developer’s focus has shifted to Vanguard too fast. With Treyarch spearheading the way forward, it is likely that the Cold War Zombies will begin to be wrapped up after the release of the next round-based map. 

This doesn’t necessarily mean that support for the mode ends there. Reddit user CStaplesLewis sought out to make other players aware that support will continue to be implemented. Some fans remain on the fence about the future of Zombies in the upcoming months.

“I love this game. But Jesus H. Christ on a popsicle stick, there are So. Many. Bugs,” said one fan.

Call of Duty: Vanguard releases on November 5. Bringing players back to the trenches of World War 2, the birth of Task Force One will be the focus of Sledgehammer’s campaign.