CoD leaker reveals Cold War SBMM will return in Vanguard multiplayer

Jaret Kappelman

Call of Duty: Vanguard has officially been revealed to the world and fans have been digging for more details about the game. The multiplayer is set to launch with 20 maps but a CoD leaker has revealed that it will feature Cold War’s controversial SBMM system. 

Players have been itching to find out more and more information about the next CoD title with some slick pickings already available like the amount of maps and weapons that we’ll get our hands on.

With a scheduled release date of November 5, players are desperate to see what the WWII-themed game will have in store for them.

However, one of the community’s least favorite features from Black Ops Cold War is set to return to multiplayer in Vanguard, and it’s safe to say fans are not thrilled.

Call of Duty vanguard character in plane shooting weapon
CoD: Vanguard is set to have SBMM for multiplayer.

SBMM returning to CoD Vanguard multiplayer

There has been a hit debate for quite some time over skill-based matchmaking. The majority of the community leans toward the side of not having it as it allows for more casual play.

Known CoD leaker ‘TheMW2Ghost’ delivered some bad news to the multiplayer community, SBMM is staying around for Vanguard.

Not only is SBMM returning, but the leak also states: “It’ll be the same as it is in Cold War.” The Cold War system has often been criticized for matching high-ranking and winning players in lobbies that descend into a CDL scrimmage, which isn’t what everyone wants.


The community did not take this news lightly as plenty of players replied with their disappointment in Sledgehammer Games.

Lots of people in the CoD community believe that SBMM is not necessary for casual matches. They argue that there are competitive modes such as League Play that should include opponents of equal skill.

While this hasn’t been officially confirmed by the devs, CoD fans should expect this unpopular feature to be around for at least another year. For all the latest news about the new game check out our Vanguard hub.