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YouTuber ReviewBrah finally puts Shake Shack’s hype to the test

Published: 14/Apr/2021 20:58

by Theo Salaun


Shake Shack’s hype is built on blending the line between fast food and upscale. But YouTube’s premier palate, ReviewBrah, has put that hype to the test — delivering a long-awaited review of the restaurant’s burger.

Shake Shack is always a controversial subject when it comes to tier lists for fast food. On the line between fast food and a sit-down restaurant, Shake Shack’s burgers and meals cost more than the same items at mainstream chains. 

Still, the burgers are beloved and whipped up quickly, putting them right along an undefined fast-food border and making them subject to ReviewBrah’s judgment. From the branding to the burger, fries and beverage, YouTube’s renowned taste tester dove into Shake Shack’s qualities with a meticulous lens.


While he had some uncertainties about the Shack Sauce and fries, his highly requested opinion skews very positive toward the main course burger. As coiffed as always, rocking a sharp little formal get-up, ReviewBrah (of YouTube’s TheReportOftheWeek) gets in-depth and tackles ratings for each of Shake Shack’s major items.

Explaining that he couldn’t try Shake Shack out due to regional unavailability, ReviewBrah has finally gotten his chance and that means his audience gets a highly anticipated review. First things first, the branding.

ReviewBrah describes Shake Shack’s logo in an exquisite fashion: “This is interesting … we have a sideways, crescent moon, a wave of the ocean, a hot dog, and then a log.”


Then, the main attraction, the “Shackburger,” which the esteemed reviewer describes as a “basic burger,” but “really juicy” and “teeming with flavor.” Despite not being particularly impressed by the Shack Sauce, he ends up giving the burger itself a nearly perfect 9/10.

reviewbrah shake shack review
YouTube, TheReportOftheWeek
Notice the “crescent moon, a wave of the ocean, a hot dog, and then a log.”

To round things out, ReviewBrah then dives into the fries and vanilla milkshake. All part of a relatively affordable meal he picked out. A little unimpressed, he called the fries “unremarkable” and graded them a 6.5. As for the shake, he noted some malt flavor and gave it a decent 7.

In sum, ReviewBrah appears to enjoy Shake Shack’s burger and that’s enough to keep him enticed for the future.


“All things considered, Shake Shack — burger, I really enjoyed it. I’ll probably be back again for more of the burgers, definitely. I don’t know if I’ll get it with the fries, but you know maybe a shake.”