Warzone Mobile leak unearths Rebirth Island remake

Warzone Mobile Logo on Warzone Verdansk backgroundActivision

Warzone fans were devastated when Activision removed Rebirth Island. Fortunately, the fan-favorite map may be set for a return with a catch.

Rebirth Island provided Warzone fans a much-needed breath of fresh air when the small-scale map first appeared during Black Ops Cold War. Inspired by By Black Ops 4’s Alcatraz, Rebirth Island flipped the traditional battle royale formula on its head.

Players could respawn until the latter stages of a match, and Rebirth Island cut the lobby size from over 100 to 40. Community members lauded the new experience as a perfect middle ground between multiplayer and battle royale gameplay, and some players even played the mode exclusively.

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After a remarkable run, Activision decided to close Rebirth island’s doors when Warzone 2 launched, which aggravated fans. Just when it looked like all hope may be lost, a leak revealed a remake of Rebirth Island is on the way, but not for Warzone 2.

Rebirth Island revealed for Warzone Mobile

Rebirth Island mapActivision
Rebirth Island was the first Resurgence map in the original Warzone.

Call of Duty leaker Shaun Weber leaked Rebirth Island is coming to Warzone Mobile.

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Activision announced Warzone Mobile in March 20222, yet all we have seen is a teaser trailer revealing the return of Verdansk. Rebirth Island’s fast-paced, frenetic gameplay is perfectly suited to console and PC, but it will be interesting to see how the map and mode translate on mobile.

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The leak also revealed the game will be coming to more regions and the developers plan on providing an update on the TDM experience.

Activision previously announced they plan on introducing a “smaller, more focused MP mode that differentiates itself from MW2 and CoD Mobile. The mode was described as a way to test weapons, play quick matches, or train for the actual battle royale experience.”

Weber expects an official announcement to come with the beginning of Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 Season 2, which received a delay until February 15.

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