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CoD Vanguard’s Ship Haus 24/7 hit with stealth changes amid double XP boosts

Published: 21/Nov/2021 10:55

by Joe Craven


Sledgehammer Games have made a number of stealth changes to the Ship Haus 24/7 playlist in CoD: Vanguard – and it will affect the amount of XP players can earn, even taking into account the ongoing Double XP weekend. 

CoD: Vanguard launching with 16 maps has impressed the majority of the CoD community, ensuring there are multiplayer environments conducive to any playstyle and popular with a variety of players.

We’ve also seen some CoD classics return – including World at War’s Dome and Castle – with Shipment also being added in the first big update to the game.

The newest map has been put in its own limited-time playlist with Vanguard’s Das Haus, making a chaotic and claustrophobic gaming environment.


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Sledgehammer Games
Shipment has featured in a number of CoD games, and does so in Vanguard.

Given the size and pace of both maps, players can earn an eye-watering amount of XP and rank up rapidly, especially amid the Double XP event taking place on the weekend of November 20/21. However, some stealth changes have been made to the playlist which are sure to reduce the amount of XP players will earn.

The changes have seen the playlist’s player count reduced. While Blitz pacing previously saw matches at 8v8, it will now put players into 7v7 lobbies. Similarly, Assault pacing is now 6v6 and Tactical is 4v4.

While players shouldn’t have too much difficulty finding opponents, some players have been frustrated by the unannounced changes on Sledgehammer’s behalf, mainly because it will inhibit players from earning the levels of XP they would have previously.


There are a number of other issues players want to see fixed in the playlist, including spawns and players being put into the wrong lobbies in terms of pacing.

Sledgehammer have pledged their willingness to listen to community feedback across Vanguard’s life cycle. For a full look at the issues they are working on, you can check out their dedicated Vanguard Trello board.