CoD Vanguard players demand “serious” sniper buffs to address ADS issues

. 7 months ago
CoD Vanguard character aiming with a sniper

Call of Duty: Vanguard players have started calling for buffs to be made to the game’s different snipers, with many of them wanting the Aim Down Sight speed to be increased. 

Snipers have always been a top-tier choice in Call of Duty – be it in regular multiplayer or Warzone – as there are plenty of different ways to play with the powerful weapons.

If you want to sit in a spot, aim dow sight and take down enemies crossing over a lane, you can typically do so with ease. If you’re more attack-minded and want to pull off the flashy close-range quick scopes, that is possible as well.

However, early in the cycle of CoD: Vanguard, some longtime players have raised concerns about the power of snipers in their current, with many taking aim at the current ADS speeds that they possess.

CoD Vanguard gameplay
Using a sniper loadout while playing as Petrova is an efficient way to level up, but there are hurdles.

While some players believe that snipers are in a good place, many others don’t – including Redditor IMarkus666, who flagged their concerns with the snipers after a game on Shipment.

The player was left dismayed by the number of hitmakers their shots ended up having instead of actually taking down enemies. “Since they (snipers) are all 2 hit kills anyway it (using them) might as well not matter,” they said.

Plenty of fans agreed with their complaint, suggesting that snipers need an immediate buff, especially in the way of ADS speeds. “Practically every gun in this game has a TTK in the ballpark of 150ms. Snipers take 595 MS to ADS.” said one player. “They need a massive ADS speed boost,” added another.

Some players even had frustrations with sniper attachments and having different challenges to unlock camos. “There is a camo challenge for the Kar98k that requires 100ADS kills with the Sakura 5 round mags. That magazine type and the 20 rounds mag reduce damage by half,” they said. “You get FREAKING HITMARKERS almost anywhere on the body with a bolt-action sniper in Hardcore ffs.”

Sledgehammer have already dropped weapon balancing changes onto Vanguard, and snipers have gone largely untouched. With Warzone Pacific around the corner, sweeping weapon changes could come, but we’ll just have to wait and see if snipers get some love.

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