Every CoD Vanguard map & mode: Patrol playlist, Champions Hill, more

CoD Vanguard maps and modesActivision

Call of Duty Vanguard has 16 maps and seven modes confirmed for launch. Here’s a complete breakdown on every new addition to the franchise ahead of Vanguard’s full release.

This year’s CoD is almost upon us and thanks to some early intel, we already have a full picture of every single map and mode on the way.

From familiar playlists to innovative new modes, enormous battlegrounds to smaller chaotic maps, there’s something for everyone.

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Here’s a complete overview of every confirmed map and mode coming in CoD Vanguard.

Every game mode in CoD Vanguard

CoD Vanguard gameplayActivision
Many staple CoD modes have returned in Vanguard, along with a few new additions.

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch has been a staple since the early days of CoD so it’s no surprise to see it return in Vanguard. Kills are all that matter in this mode as the first team to reach the required number wins the map.


Three flags are scattered across the map and it’s your job to maintain control of them in Domination. The more flags you have under control at any given time, the faster your team’s score will grow.

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Free For All

It’s everyone for themselves in Free For All. There are no teams, each player loads in separately, and kills are your only way to victory.

Kill Confirmed

Dog tags are all-important in Kill Confirmed. After wiping out your target, be sure to run over their body and pick up their dog tags, otherwise your kill won’t count for a point.

Remember you can also negate enemy scores by recovering tags from your fallen allies as well.

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Search & Destroy

CoD Vanguard gameplayActivision
Vanguard launches with seven core multiplayer modes.

S&D is back for another year as expected. Two bomb sites are positioned throughout the map as teams take turns attacking and defending. Detonating a bomb or clearing out all enemies is how you’ll win a round.


Hardpoint features a single rotating objective. Standing inside the Hardpoint will rack up points for your team over time, just be wary of where the next rotation is.


Patrol is a new mode in Vanguard that features a single moving objective. Teams battle for control over a small zone that’s constantly floating around the map.

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Champions Hill

CoD Champions Hill Vanguard gameplayActivision
Champions Hill drops small teams into an elimination-style gauntlet.

Champions Hill drops players into a round-based elimination mode. All teams start with a set number of lives and it’s your goal to outlast the opposition while rotating through various maps.

Between certain rounds you’ll have the opportunity to buy upgrades and get your squad kitted out with better weapons, armor, and even killstreaks.

Champions Hill can be played in Duos or Trios for the time being.

Every map in CoD Vanguard

CoD Vanguard is set to launch with 16 multiplayer maps in total. From smaller indoor locations to sprawling open maps on large battlefields, there’s something for everyone at release. Below is a full list of every confirmed CoD Vanguard multiplayer map.

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  • Battle of Berlin
  • Bocage
  • Castle
  • Das Haus
  • Decoy
  • Demyansk
  • Desert Siege
  • Dome
  • Eagle’s Nest
  • Gavutu
  • Hotel Royal
  • Numa Numa
  • Oasis
  • Red Star
  • Sub Pens
  • Tuscan

Battle of Berlin

CoD Vanguard Battle of Berlin mapActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Battle of Berlin map.

Battle of Berlin is a large, nighttime map set among a street under siege. Buildings are torn apart, destroyed vehicles are scattered throughout, providing multiple forms of cover and a number of subtle flanking routes.


CoD Vanguard Bocage map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Bocage map.

Bocage is a medium-sized map set across an unlucky farmer’s property in war-torn France. This means players are battling through stables, crossing fields, all while weaving between a number of tanks still left on the estate.


CoD Vanguard Castle map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Castle map.

Castle is Vanguard’s first throwback map as this locale serves as a reimagining of the popular World at War stage. It’s a similarly large map with plenty of indoor and outdoor fighting in the Japanese setting.

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Das Haus

CoD Vanguard Das Haus map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Das Haus map.

Das Haus is one of the smaller maps in Vanguard, with a focus on fast-paced, indoor combat. Expect a gunfight every few seconds after respawning inside this German training facility.


CoD Vanguard Decoy map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Decoy map.

Decoy is a medium-sized map that features a number of distinct buildings for players to navigate through. It’s designed as a fake town for training purposes, meaning most of the cheaper materials used can be shot through.


CoD Vanguard Demyansk map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Demyansk map.

Demyansk is another small map in CoD Vanguard. This snow-covered region drops players into a village on the Lovat River, with plenty of small footpaths and flanking routes scattered within.

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Desert Siege

CoD Vanguard Desert Siege map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Desert Siege map.

Desert Siege is one of Vanguard’s biggest maps as players load into a war-torn North African desert. Expect plenty of natural cover in the form of sand dunes, along with a good amount of indoor combat through the many smaller buildings in close proximity to one another.


CoD Vanguard Dome map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Dome map.

Dome is another Vanguard throwback to the fan-favorite World at War title. This small map is a reimagining of the classic Treyarch battleground set in a bombed-out version of the Reichstag Building in Berlin.

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Eagle’s Nest

CoD Vanguard Eagle's Nest mapActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Eagle’s Nest map.

Eagle’s Nest is one of the smallest maps in Vanguard at launch. While it boasts a three-lane design, external lanes are merely small flank routes for the main, indoor battle.

You can sprint across to the opposing spawn in barely a few seconds so expect chaos every time you load into Eagle’s Nest.


CoD Vanguard Gavutu map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Gavutu map.

Gavutu is a medium-sized map set among the Pacific Theater of war. The main feature of this map is a dilapidated ship in the center, one that players can interact with to block off certain sightlines and gain not just the high ground but mid-map control.

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Hotel Royal

CoD Vanguard Hotel Royale map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Hotel Royal map.

Hotel Royal drops players on a rooftop in Paris as ongoing battle tears the city apart. It’s another medium-sized map with a standard three-lane design. Though Hotel Royal comes with a unique emphasis on elevation.

The map features a number of breakable elements, allowing teams to destroy glass panels and drop in on unsuspecting targets, for instance.

Numa Numa

CoD Vanguard Numa Numa map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Numa Numa map.

Numa Numa is a smaller Vanguard map based on the Battle of Piva Forks in 1943. The central point of this location features a huge machine-gun nest, so expect to be fighting for control most of your time here.

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CoD Vanguard Oasis map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Oasis map.

Oasis is a medium-sized map in CoD Vanguard as players fight through ruins surrounding a lake near Egypt. Expect to see teams posting up near a number of choke points scattered throughout.

Red Star

CoD Vanguard Red Star map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Red Star map.

Red Star is a large, snowy map in Vanguard set among the war-torn Stalingrad. Various buildings are placed throughout providing a mix of indoor and outdoor gunfights. 

Always keep an eye to the skies as players can easily shoot across the map from some high ground spots.

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Sub Pens

CoD Vanguard Sub Pens gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Sub Pens map.

Sub Pens is a smaller Vanguard map that focuses around an empty submarine. Not only will players be pushing for the high ground advantage, but expect plenty of flanks from below as well.


CoD Vanguard Tuscan map gameplayActivision
First-look at CoD Vanguard’s Tuscan map.

Tuscan is a medium-sized map set across the rooftops of various Roman buildings. While there is a good amount of cover, be cautious of the many possible sight lines when trying to cross this map.

Champions Hill

CoD Vanguard Champions Hill map gameplayActivision
CoD Vanguard’s Champion Hill mode comes with its own exclusive map.

Champions Hill also comes with its own unique layouts in Vanguard. The new mode features a central hub with various Buy Stations scattered throughout. Though all separate arenas stem from this midpoint.

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Each stage is its own small map designed for tight-knit gunfights.