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CoD Vanguard Season 1 Operator skin could be Warzone’s Roze replacement

Published: 7/Dec/2021 15:40

by James Busby


CoD Vanguard Season 1 has introduced a number of new skins for its Operators, but one could end up being a replacement to the infamous Roze skin. 

Roze has been a popular Operator choice in Warzone since her Rook skin was released back in Season 5. In fact, Roze dominated both the casual and competitive scene until Activision eventually nerfed it. The main reason players originally used the Roze Rook skin was because of how dark it was, which enabled users to hide in darkened areas of the map. 

Not only did this lead to some incredibly frustrating deaths, but it also highlighted just how bad the game’s visibility was in certain areas of Verdansk. While the subsequent nerf helped alleviate Rook’s potency, there is now new Vanguard Operator skin that aims to fill its place. 


New Vanguard Operator skin could replace Roze

Warzone Roze skins
The Roze skin was a controversial addition to Warzone due to low visibility issues.

Vanguard’s Season 1 update has finally been released, giving players the chance to unlock the Cooper Carbine and Gorenko Sniper Rifle. However, the excitement doesn’t stop there. Sledgehammer has also released a number of new Operator skins. 

While many players will be pleased to kit their favorite characters out with new threads, there is one cosmetic that seems to be getting attention for all the wrong reasons. The skin in question is the Barrier Reef skin that can be unlocked for Lucas. This skin shares a similar theme to that of Roze’s Rook skin. 

New Vanguard update has new skins for operators including CDL skins from CODVanguard

Armed with his trusty Owen Gun SMG, Lucas’ entire body is kitted out in black scuba gear, which is designed to help him blend into the dark ocean depths. Unlike Roze’s Rook skin, Lucas’ Barrier Reef cosmetic doesn’t feature a faceplate. Instead, a black eye visor has been attached. 


“Ah sh*t that skin looks terrible and everyone’s gonna use it too. Roze v2,” commented one player. “This Roze skin 2.0 will be the new meta,” replied another user.

Whether Barrier Reef will prove as popular as Roze’s Rook skin remains to be seen, but expect to see some players hiding in the shadows of the Pacific map.