CoD Vanguard devs respond to game-breaking Perk that keeps ruining aim assist

Brad Norton
CoD Vanguard sniper gameplay

Has your aim assist felt off lately in CoD Vanguard? You’re not alone as Sledgehammer Games has confirmed suspicions that the essential mechanic is outright broken when using the Cold Blooded Perk.

When it comes to snapping onto targets in multiplayer, aim assist is crucial for those using a controller. It’s been the case for years in the Call of Duty franchise and Vanguard is no different.

While arguments go either way about the strength of the feature in this year’s release, players recently noticed a glaring flaw. Many were suspicious that aim assist wasn’t quite working and now, developers at Sledgehammer have confirmed the theory.

Cold Blooded is breaking aim assist in CoD Vanguard. If you happen to be using the popular Perk, you’ll be putting others at a huge disadvantage in almost every gunfight.

CoD Vanguard Perks
Cold Blooded sits in the Perk 1 slot alongside Ghost and Ninja.

Found in the Perk 1 slot, Cold Blooded has the intended effect of keeping you out of danger. AI-controlled scorestreaks are unable to target you and you’re harder to spot in player-controlled streaks.

After early investigations, however, Cold Blooded also comes with a surprising bonus. Without reason, the Perk accidentally breaks aim assist for enemies on the map. Other players trying to track you are at a huge disadvantage.

It’s not disabled at all times, but Cold Blooded accidentally “toggles” the feature “on and off,” Sledgehammer Games confirmed through the Vanguard Trello board.

For opposing players trying to shoot your way, you’ll be a much harder target to hit. This bug alone could see Cold Blooded taking over the Perk 1 slot until a fix is deployed.

CoD Vanguard streaks
Cold Blooded is supposed to make you harder to spot for enemy streaks and enemy streaks alone.

There’s currently no telling how far off a potential patch might be. Although it’s being worked on at the time of writing, a resolution is yet to be uncovered.

Furthermore, Cold Blooded also hasn’t been disabled in Vanguard just yet. The Perk is still live across all multiplayer maps and modes. We’ll be sure to keep you posted here if that changes in the coming days.