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Best controller settings for CoD Vanguard: Aim assist, sensitivity & more

Published: 16/Nov/2021 4:50 Updated: 16/Nov/2021 4:58

by Jacob Hale


Call of Duty: Vanguard has officially launched, and CoD players are getting to grips with the game, how it plays and all of the new features. Controller players have the task of finding the best settings to improve their game, but this guide should make things a little easier.

Whether you’ve been playing Call of Duty for two years or 10 years, it’s almost impossible to find your optimal controller settings straight away.

The sensitivity you used last year will feel slightly off, the new aim assist settings not quite snapping how you’re used to.

While this largely comes down to personal preference, these Vanguard controller settings are a great way to immediately hit the ground running in Call of Duty: Vanguard.


Best CoD: Vanguard controller settings

CoD Vanguard Hotel Royal map
You’ll want to make sure your settings are perfectly suited to maximize your potential in Vanguard.

Vanguard’s controller settings are filtered into two key sub-sections: controller and gameplay. Here are the best settings to get started under each section.


Basic Controls

  • Horizontal Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • Vertical Stick Sensitivity: 6
  • Ground Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • Air Vehicles Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00
  • ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 0.90
  • Button Layout Preset: Default
  • Vertical Aim (on foot): Standard
  • Vertical Aim (ground vehicles): Standard
  • Vertical Aim (air vehicles): Standard
  • Aim Response Curve Type: Standard/Dynamic
  • Controller Vibration: Off
  • Trigger Effect: Off
  • Weapon Fire Threshold: Off

Advanced controls

  • ADS Sens. Transition Timing: Instant
  • ADS Sens. Multiplier (Steady Aim): 1.00
  • Stick Layout Preset: Default
  • Controller Orientation: Up
  • ADS Stick Swap: Off
  • L2 Button min. Input deadzone: 13
  • R2 Button min. Input deadzone: 13
  • Left stick min. Input deadzone: 8 (increase if you get stick drift)
  • Right stick min. Input deadzone: 8 (increase if you get stick drift)
  • Left stick max. Input deadzone: 99
  • Right stick max. Input deadzone: 99
CoD Vanguard firefight
Be sure to find what works best for you.


Weapons & Equipment

  • Target Aim Assist: On
  • ADS Aim Assist: On
  • Weapon Mount Activation: Double Tap ADS
  • Weapon Mount Movement Exit: On
  • Depleted Ammo Weapon Switch: On
  • Blind Fire: On


  • Automatic Airborne Mantle: Partial
    • Grounded Mantle: Off
    • Auto. Ground Mantle: Off
  • Mantle Stance Queueing: On
  • Automatic Sprint: Automatic Tactical Sprint
  • Auto Move Forward: Off
  • Sprint Cancels Reload: Off
  • Sprinting Door Bash: Off

Action Behavior

  • Slide Behavior: Tap
  • ADS Behavior: Hold
  • Equipment Behavior: Hold
  • Steady Aim Behavior: Hold
  • Auto. Weapon Fire Behavior: Hold
  • Interact/Reload Behavior: Tap to Reload
  • Scoreboard Behavior: Toggle
CoD Vanguard pilot fight
Try a few different settings to find the best options.

Obviously, many of these settings come entirely down to personal preference. You might want to look into the individual ADS settings for each scope, or play with different Aim Assist types, to find what really works best for you.

Best Aim Assist Type in Vanguard

Aydan tracking an enemy player through a wall in CoD Vanguard
Activision/Sledgehammer Games
Controller players benefit from the option of aim assist in CoD Vanguard.

Aim assist is a factor that all controller players need to take into consideration and Vanguard offers several types to choose from:

  • Default (Vanguard): Traditional aim slowdown near the target. A wider area where your aim will slow around an opponent. This is the same Aim Assist used in Warzone too, so will feel familiar.
  • Precision: Strong aim assist slowdown that only kicks in when close to an enemy player. Only use this option if you’re a skilled and accurate player. The slowdown area is minimal and casual players will not like this.
  • Focusing: Strong aim slowdown that kicks in when narrowly missing targets. If you’re new to Call of Duty, this is your best bet to improve on a controller.
  • Legacy (Black Ops): Alternate aim slowdown near target. If you play more Cold War than Warzone, Legacy will feel more familiar to you.

For the best aim assist type, we strongly recommend using either default or legacy. While some players may want to be experiment and try different aim assist types, these two settings definitely feel the most natural.


Now that you have the best Vanguard controller settings, it’s time to get the practice in – especially with the Warzone integration arriving on December 2.

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