CoD: Vanguard players claim Cold Blooded has “broken” aim assist

CoD Vanguard player holding SMG next to Cold BloodedActivision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players claim aim assist is “completely broken” following the Season 1 update, and they’re desperate for change.

When it comes to first-person shooters, aim assist has always been a controversial topic, especially as we’re seeing cross-platform play introduced more and more.

The mechanic is meant to level the playing field between controller players and those on keyboard and mouse, but it’s always a hot button issue. Some PC players have likened it to a ‘legal aimbot’, while some controller players believe it doesn’t go far enough.

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In the case of CoD: Vanguard, aim assist has been a slight issue since the game first launched on November 5. Console players have repeatedly called for change, but now, after the Vanguard Season 1 update, it appears to be in its worst state yet.

CoD Vanguard Operator firing a stenActivision/Sledgehammer Games
Aim Assist has been spotty in Vanguard so far.

Plenty of controller players have bemoaned the issue across social media since the big update, with some claiming it “completely broken” and the game is “unplayable” until it’s addressed.

“It’s totally screwed up,” commented Redditor P_Wood. “Gunfights have felt so inconsistent since the last update, hope they can get it fixed,” added another player.

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While there have been some suggestions that aim assist has been stealth nerfed by Sledgehammer Games, it appears the issue links to player name tags “flickering” in-game.

According to Redditor MGrad, aim assist “seems to turn itself off in relation to whether an enemy name tag is visible or not.” They noted they’ve tested it in private and public lobbies with similar outcomes in both – if the name tag is not visible, there is no snap-on from aim assist.

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If the issue is related to name tag, as it appears it is, that would make Cold Blooded invaluable as a counter to controller players.

The perk reduces the distance as to which a name tag is visible, so you’d get the jump on aim assist users. Though, we’ll have to wait and see what the developers do to address things.