Vanguard players slam “incompetent” devs amid Shipment complaints

Sam Comrie
A screenshot of Shipment from Call of Duty: Vanguard.

Shipment is one of Call of Duty’s most celebrated maps, appearing in numerous iterations of the franchise. When it comes to Vanguard’s version, players are calling for major changes as the map is virtually unplayable.

Call of Duty: Vanguard has moved the franchise into a new direction, but the developers are still revitalizing familiar maps. Vanguard launched with coveted World at War favorites, but Shipment remains one of the franchise’s most highly regarded locales.

Unfortunately, players are blasting the World War 2 variant of the classic map, which is currently suffering from a series of issues.

A screenshot of Shipment from Call of Duty: Vanguard.
Shipment has returned before in Call of Duty: World War 2 and Modern Warfare.

Shipment isn’t delivering signature thrills

Vanguard players are less than impressed, as awful spawn systems and an abundance of Incendiary Grenades plague the map. The claustrophobic nature of the map is part of the fun, but players are baffled by how ludicrous the spawn system has become: “Are we sure this isn’t how they think they should be? They’re [Sledgehammer Games] so incompetent at this point you could easily convince me that it’s intentional.”

Due to the small size of Shipment, it is incredibly easy to be placed into unfavorable spawns that lead to guaranteed instant death. Pair this with the addition of three Incendiary Grenades, and you’ve got a recipe for anger. “Why the f**k do we have 3 incendiary grenades,” one player commented in frustration.

Some players have tried to find the funny side, among all the chaos: “Made some terrific friends. I spawn in with the enemy team, we have cake and tea, then we sit and chat a while before all 8 of them shoot me in the face.”

However, there are others firing back at disgruntled players, claiming this is just how Shipment is: “Stop complaining about shipment. That’s shipment, always been like that and always will. If you don’t like it play another map.” Another player has suggested that it’s all in the spirit of the map, saying “wasn’t that the point of the original Shipment map, the chaos?”

Shipment continues to run and players are still returning in droves for explosive action, despite its glaring issues.