CoD Vanguard aim assist is so strong it works through walls

James Busby
CoD Vanguard Operator firing a sten
Activision/Sledgehammer Games

CoD Vanguard players have noticed how strong aim assist is in the game, but it now appears console players can snap onto enemies through walls. 

The strength of aim assist in CoD Vanguard has been a big point of contention in the game’s community. While the best aim assist settings won’t enable you to win every firefight, it can give you a huge advantage. This is particularly true in Vanguard, where aim assist enables console players to track their enemies behind walls. 

Call of Duty streamer, Aydan, recently showcased how potent aim assist is when he managed to snap onto a target behind a wall. While Vanguard’s launch has been pretty smooth, this unintentional bug is giving console players a huge advantage over their PC rivals. 

CoD Vanguard aim assist compared to wallhacks

Aydan tracking an enemy player through a wall in CoD Vanguard
Activision/Sledgehammer Games
Aydan used Vanguard aim assist to track his enemy through a wall.

During a recent stream, Aydan demonstrated just how busted aim assist is on CoD Vanguard. While playing Search and Destroy on Demyansk, the Warzone pro used the game’s aim assist to track where the last enemy player was hiding. 

Aydan clambered up onto the church roof and began to fire into a nearby building. Once it was clear the enemy player had moved from the position, Aydan tried to trigger aim assist through the rocks surrounding the nearby objective. 

While his aim assist didn’t trigger at first, it eventually snapped onto the player as he ran towards B. With this vital information on the player’s location, Aydan managed to relay the exact position to his teammate. 


Despite having this clear advantage, the enemy soldier still managed to take Warzone’s highest earner down. However, this clip highlights just how powerful aim assist currently is in Vanguard.

Whether Sledgehammer will address this in a future update remains to be seen, but if you find yourself getting beamed from behind cover, then chances are there could be some aim assist antics at play.