CoD players delighted as Modern Warfare 2 leaks hint towards long-awaited movement change

Joe Craven
CoD MW2 character in fire

Call of Duty players have responded positively after Modern Warfare 2 leaks hinted towards a major movement change for the series, potentially removing the much maligned slide-cancelling mechanic.

Despite the mixed to positive reception of Modern Warfare 2019, fans are incredibly excited for Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward’s highly-anticipated sequel set in Colombia amid conflict with the nation’s drug cartels.

That is partially because of the poor reception received by CoD: Vanguard, but also because of the plethora of new features we’re expecting from MW2. Among new modes like DMZ, rumors regarding the 2022 title suggest that slide-canceling will be absent.

The movement mechanic debuted in Modern Warfare but has split opinions since then. News that it might not feature has been promulgated by prominent community figures like Swagg and ZooMa and players have now responded positively.

CoD players delighted at rumors MW2 won’t have slide-canceling

One Redditor expressed mixed feelings in an August 5 post but, in response, players were generally thrilled by the prospect of CoD minus the movement mechanic.

A player replied: “Very excited to see slide canceling be gone. I’m all for skill gaps. It also screws up the other player’s aim assist. It’s nearly impossible to counter in CQB, especially with peeker’s advantage. And don’t even get me started on the slide canceling with a riot shield that plagued Shoot the Ship.”

Another commented: “Slide canceling wasn’t even supposed to be in MW19. They were planning on patching it and pointed out that it was an exploit. But due to how long it was taking them to fix they quietly removed it from the trello board and didn’t say anything more, most likely also due to many thinking it was some great movement feature.”

It’s obviously unconfirmed whether slide-canceling will feature in MW2, but the balance of player opinion certainly seems to be in favor of abolishing the mechanic.

We expect to hear more in the near future as details on the 2022 installment pile up.