Vanguard players slam spawns as “getting worse” despite game being months old

. 5 months ago
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Call of Duty: Vanguard players have slammed the game and claimed multiplayer spawns are “getting worse”, despite the 2021 title now being a few months old. 

It’s fair to say that Vanguard’s life cycle did not get off to the start Activision would have been hoping for, with the game even being part of the publisher’s apology for the prevalence of bugs and issues in Call of Duty titles.

Among the many issues players have touted, spawns (as always) have been a hot topic. Generally, when a CoD game releases, players accept that the spawns in multiplayer matches will need some refinement.

That was the case in Vanguard, with the game’s spawn mechanics promptly being singled out for criticism. However, three months later, some players claim they’re actually going backwards.

Vanguard Feb 3 patch notes Welgun nerf
Vanguard’s spawn mechanics are leaving a lot to be desired.

One player – Slayer2K_ – questioned how the game’s spawns are actually becoming less intelligent, despite releasing in November of 2021.

They also stated that maps of all sizes are subject to the problems – not just the smaller, more chaotic environments.

“How are spawns getting worse?” they asked. “Whether I’m playing Shipment or Desert Siege, I’m constantly scratching my head and pulling hair out trying to understand spawn logic… Spawning in front of players or flipping sides for no reason, or not flipping when we should be. It just doesn’t make sense. How can something that’s been in every CoD multiplayer be so difficult to implement?”

They weren’t the only ones calling out Sledgehammer for the game’s spawns, either.

Another player called for a complete spawn “revamp”, saying: “You can’t play a game on any small map in which there aren’t spawn campers or trappers, especially in Das Haus, Shipment and Numa Numa.”

A third player stated: “I genuinely don’t understand how spawns can be THIS bad”, with a clip showing them spawning directly behind multiple enemies and racking up easy kills as a result.

While some issues will see fixes announced in patch notes, spawns are constantly tuned by Sledgehammer, so hopefully they’ll improve soon – even if it doesn’t get explicitly mentioned by the developers.

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