CoD Modern Warfare players outraged over nonstop bugs despite new microtransactions

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Bugs Microtransactions With LogoActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare might be nearly two years old, but it still boasts an active — and passionate — player base that is now speaking out against a focus on microtransactions while bugs continue to ruin the in-game experience.

Released in 2019, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was the first soft reboot in what appears to be a reset across the board for the main CoD IPs: Infinity Ward’s Modern Warfare, Treyarch’s Black Ops, and Sledgehammer’s World War Two entries.

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While many Call of Duty fans have moved over to Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, Modern Warfare still maintains an active player base that remains passionate about their top pick amongst the currently supported titles.

As the release of 2021’s rumored Call of Duty: Vanguard approaches, that same player base voiced strong criticisms on the current state of the 2019 title, criticizing the game’s stance on additional support (or lack thereof) while simultaneously doubling down on monetization.

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Modern Warfare 2019 Killhouse Map AddedActivision / Infinity Ward
Despite some unexpected additions like Killhouse, many players feel Modern Warfare is in a sorry state.

The sentiment began to spread amongst the community after one impassioned Modern Warfare fan shared their thoughts on the game’s treatment since Cold War’s release in 2020, and aired out several grievances with how the game is being handled.

“There is more cheating than ever before,” they began, referring to a common issue in all CoD games, then continued, “we can’t edit our loadouts [mid-game], when I try to change the reticle it takes me back to the lobby, you can’t unlock anything from the battle pass that you can use in Modern Warfare.”

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“And yet they added two new guns and [new] maps to the game, they still give out infrequent free bundles in the shop, and they keep adding and rotating game modes?” they questioned, before finally asking “What the f**k is going on? Do they care about the game or not?”

Hundreds of other fans jumped in to agree. “Yeah, I finally reached my tipping point,” one player commented. “All the bugs and loadout issues, sh**ty matchmaking, bad connectivity, the same broken meta, and toxic players have finally made me give up on this game.”

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Many took issue with the game’s approach to monetization. “[They] ruined the functionality of the game rather then let a few people have blueprints they didn’t pay for,” another player remarked, pointing out how the mid-game loadout editor was disabled and has yet to be reinstated.

Other players specifically criticized the in-game storefront.  “Yeah, I finally reached my tipping point,” one comment read, “it’s clear that they’re just drip feeding us bundles so people think they haven’t neglected the game all while they still make money.”

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It remains to be seen what the future of Modern Warfare holds. With some leaks hinting that Infinity Ward’s 2022 title is a direct sequel to 2019’s reboot, fans could be in for a significant wait before getting a new taste of their preferred CoD flavor, outside of a few unexpected updates.