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Warzone players call for Modern Warfare weapon buffs after guns become “unplayable”

Published: 11/Aug/2021 16:34

by Jacob Hale


With Season 5 of Warzone and Black Ops Cold War right around the corner, some players are calling for the Modern Warfare weapons to be revisited and buffed in the popular battle royale title.

It’s fair to say that Season 4 hasn’t fared brilliantly for Warzone, with many players and top creators making the switch to Apex Legends as the hacking problem continues to run rampant.

That said, of the players that have stuck around, more problems exist than just the hackers, and one major issue for some is the weapon balancing in the game.

While the meta has been far more open throughout the last few seasons, with a number of weapons across all classes viable, there has been a noticeable phasing out of Modern Warfare weapons from the meta.


Kilo 141 in Warzone.
Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare ARs such as the Kilo 141 have swiftly fallen out of favor in Warzone.

That hasn’t been lost on the most dedicated players and, to those who prefer the classic Modern Warfare guns over those of Cold War, is a serious source of frustration.

As explained by TetraVaal2154 on Reddit, and with much support and corroboration from the wider community, the lack of viable Modern Warfare assault rifles has made the game “unplayable.”

“Virtually every CW rifle is a ‘meta’ compared to even the best MW rifles,” they explained. “It’s made this game virtually unplayable for someone like myself, that really does not want to use cartoon weapons in a game that originally had a team of people that at least understood basic weapon mechanics while IW were working on the game.”


The post picked up several hundred upvotes and awards on Reddit, with a huge swathe of players in agreement.

One commenter argued that the formerly-meta Kilo 141 is “literally dead” and needs a buff, while another pointed out that “All MW guns have substantially more recoil, and less mobility” than their Cold War counterparts.

Of course, there were some comments disagreeing, but there’s definitely a dedicated base of players that would love to see the OG Warzone guns experience a revival. With CoD 2021 coming out in just a few short months, though, we don’t know how likely that is.