CoD leaker gives promising update on Modern Warfare 2019 sequel

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Reputable Call of Duty leaker ‘TheMW2Ghost’ has shared a promising update on Infinity Ward’s CoD 2022, thought to be a follow-up to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot. 

With Black Ops Cold War’s life-cycle coming towards its end, many fans of the FPS series are casting their minds forwards to CoD 2021, thought to be called Vanguard, set in WWII and developed by Sledgehammer Games.

However, some fans are thinking a year in advance of that, and what is next to come from Infinity Ward, who last developed 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot.

Although not confirmed, CoD 2022 is thought to be a follow-up to that game and will be called something along the lines of Modern Warfare II (we’re thinking it too).

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Modern Warfare was a loose reboot of CoD’s infamous MW series.

These leaks come by way of TheMW2Ghost on Twitter, a well-known CoD leaker who has, in the past, correctly revealed calling cards and Black Ops Cold War seasonal content.

On August 7, he tweeted: “Got a little info on MW II today, apparently Infinity Ward are feeling very good about the game, development is further ahead than projected with still over a year to finish. Should be in a good state once it’s time to release.”

Recent criticism of CoDs – including BOCW – has suggested that games are released unfinished and with insufficient content. League Play, for example, only came to Cold War in February.

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In a follow-up tweet, the leaker stated that Infinity Ward are working on fixing aspects of MW that were unpopular. Despite a moderately positive response, criticism of the 2019 title focused on multiplayer maps and lacklustre spawns.

Whether Infinity Ward are able to capitalize on MW’s success and add a strong sequel remains to be seen, but early signs suggest the development process is going well.

With Vanguard in the more immediate future, CoD fans have a lot to get excited about.