CoD Mobile leaks reveal Zombies, new map, prestige system, more

Brad Norton
CoD Mobile Zombies gameplay

The latest Call of Duty: Mobile update in China has introduced a ton of fresh content including new maps, a prestige system, and even a new Zombies mode. Here’s everything there is to know.

The Chinese version of CoD Mobile is always months ahead of the curve. New features are often deployed for the Chinese market first, while some additions even remain exclusive to the region.

From unique Among Us inspired modes to early map releases, Chinese updates are often a good indication of what we can expect down the line. Following a brand new patch on March 24, it’s safe to say the next few months of CoD Mobile are shaping up in a big way.

From new modes to new maps and everything in between, here’s a rundown of all the new content, some of which we might see in the Western version soon.

New Zombies mode on the way

Up first, the Chinese update came with a heavy emphasis on new Zombies content. When booting up the new version of the game, players quickly noticed a new Zombies mode available on the home screen.

For other players, the main menu was completely different. Rather than standing in front of a multiplayer map, characters have also been appearing in front of a classic Zombies location.

Shi No Numa, a popular map that first appeared in World at War, seems to be making a return once again. After a brief appearance in the 2019 Raid mode, CoD Mobile players could soon be venturing back to the Japanese Zombies map.

There’s no telling which modes it might be available in down the line, but it’s clear Zombies are about to have a major impact.


New Monastery multiplayer map in CoD Mobile

Also included in the latest update was a completely new multiplayer map. Monastery is a brand new design exclusive to CoD Mobile. 

The sunny location comes with a mix of indoor and outdoor combat across a medium-sized map. It’s not particularly small like Nuketown or Firing Range, but it’s also far from the biggest maps we’ve seen.

There’s no telling which game modes this map will be available for just yet, though standard team sizes are a safe bet.

From Team Deathmatch to Domination, expect most casual playlists to fit right in on the new battleground.

Prestige system coming to CoD Mobile?

Outside of new locations, another addition was quietly added to the Chinese update. When viewing the Type25 assault rifle, a new option appeared in the menus. 

A progress bar can be spotted below a new unique, seemingly displaying the first weapon prestige. Unique rewards can also be noticed underneath, hinting at multiple tiers of unlocks tied to each weapon in the game.

Rather than an account-based prestige, this update appears to hone in on weapon prestige specifically. You might soon be able to rename a weapon, unlock exclusive cosmetics, and max out all-new statistics.

Although this new content is in effect across the Chinese version, there’s no guarantee it’ll reach the global version. Certain maps and modes typically make it through, though there’s a chance various features are scratched ahead of a global update.

As always, we’ll be sure to keep you posted as new CoD Mobile patches roll around.

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