All Call of Duty creator codes: CDL Pros, Warzone streamers, more

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Call of Duty’s Support a Creator program enables fans to support their favorite CDL pro or Twitch and YouTube streamer. Here are all of the codes currently available and how you can use them.

Call of Duty pros and content creators are the pillars that support the game’s devoted community. While some have been involved with Call of Duty since its roots, others have recently ventured into the FPS.

To help support those that stream the game, Activision launched the Support a Creator program, which is designed to give back to Call of Duty’s most recognizable names via every purchase of COD Points.

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Activision is always looking to introduce additional creators should they be deemed worthy, so make sure you use the codes below to help your favorite CoD pros and streamers.

Support a Creator in Call of Duty.Activision
Enter your favorite creator’s code in the in-game menu.

How to use Support a Creator codes in Call of Duty

The premise is simple: enter your favorite creator’s code when making a purchase of COD Points (via the Franchise Store) and a portion of the proceeds will be given directly to the creator.

Each creator has a unique code, so be sure to redeem the right code in the Franchise Store at the point of purchase. As part of Activision’s efforts to make everything cross-platform, the program is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC via

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Each creator will receive $5 for every 10,000 COD Points spent in-game with their code. To add your favorite creator’s code, just follow the simple steps outlined below:

  1. Select the creator code you wish to use from the list below.
  2. Purchase COD Points in the Franchise Store on either PlayStation, Xbox, or PC (
  3. Follow the in-game prompt to enter your creator code before you complete your in-game purchase. You must enter the code before completing your transaction. Ensure that you enter your code in capital letters.


Players looting money in Warzone.Activision
A small percentage of the proceeds will go to your designated creator when you use their code.

Call of Duty Twitch & YouTube creator codes

Below is a list of content creator codes for some of the most recognizable names in Call of Duty.

  • BennyCentral: “BENNY”
  • FaZe Booya: “BOOYA”
  • KingBraderz: “BRADERZ”
  • NoisyButters: “BUTTERS”
  • Chaos: “CHAOS”
  • CouRage: “COURAGE”
  • FaZe Crowder: “CROWDER”
  • Drfit0r: “DRIFT0R”
  • KNRG Espresso: “ESPRESSO”
  • GoldGloveTV: “GOLDGLOVE”
  • HusKerrs: “HUSKERRS”
  • JackFrags: “JACKFRAGS”
  • JGOD: “JGOD”
  • FaZe JSmooth: “SMOOTH”
  • JoeWo: “JOEWO”
  • Kor3aYn: “K3”
  • LuckyChamu: “LUCKYCHAMU”
  • MarleyThirteen: “MARLEY”
  • Michi: “MICHI”
  • NuFo: “NUFO”
  • Pizza: “PIZZA”
  • PrestigeIsKey: “PRESTIGE”
  • P4wnyhof: “P4WNYHOF”
  • Repullze: “REPULLZE”
  • ShawnJGaming: “SHAWNJ”
  • Spratt: “SPRATT”
  • FaZe Swagg: “SWAGG”
  • Symfuhny: “SYM”
  • TeeP: “TEEP”
  • Tejbz: “TEJBZ”
  • TimTheTatman: “TIMTHETATMAN”
  • Vikkstar123: “VIKK”
  • Westie: “WEST”

Call of Duty League players creator codes

Below is a list of CDL pro creator codes for some of the most recognizable names in Call of Duty.

  • aBeZy: “ABEZY”
  • Apathy: “APATHY”
  • Arcitys: “ARCITYS”
  • Attach: “ATTACH”
  • Blazt: “BLAZT”
  • Crimsix: “CRIM”
  • Cammy: “CAMMY”
  • Cellium: “CELLIUM”
  • Clayser: “CLAY”
  • CleanX: “CLEANX”
  • Dashy: “DASHY”
  • Denz: “DENZ”
  • Enable: “ENABLE”
  • Envoy: “ENVOY”
  • FormaL: “FORMAL”
  • GodRX: “GODRX”
  • Huke: “HUKE”
  • iLLeY: “ILLEY”
  • Kuavo: “KUAVO”
  • Mack: “MACK”
  • Methodz: “METHODZ”
  • Octane: “OCTANE”
  • Scump: “SCUMP”
  • Seany: “SEANY”
  • Shotzzy: “SHOTZZY”
  • SiLLY: “SILLY”
  • Simp: “SIMP”
  • Skrapz: “SKRAPZ”
  • Skyz: “SKYZ”
  • SlasheR: “SLASHER”
  • Vivid: “VIVID”
  • Owakening: “WAKE”
  • Wuskin: “WUSKIN”
  • ZooMaa: “ZOOMAA”

We will continue to update this list as more creator codes are released. If you have a creator code and are not listed here, please contact @DexertoIntel with your code so we can update this list.

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