Everything in COD Mobile Season 5 update: New map, Search & Rescue, more

Ryan Lemay
Art for COD Mobile Season 5

COD Mobile Season 5 delivers a wide range of fresh content, including a new map and an update to the Tournament mode.

Warzone Mobile has stolen a lot of attention in the handheld COD realm. Fans feared that the new battle royale experience would phase out COD Mobile, but Activision reassured community members by committing to the game’s future.

The developers promised a “robust roadmap of fresh new CODM content and updates for the long haul.” Some players still held reservations if the Microsoft acquisition of Activision Blizzard goes through, but the latest seasonal update provides plenty to get excited about.

From the release date to what’s included, here is everything you need to know about CODM Season 5: Get Wrecked.

Armada Strike is a new multiplayer map in COD Mobile.

CoD Mobile Season 5: Get Wrecked release date & launch time

CoD Mobile Season 5: get Wrecked is all set to go live on Wednesday, May 31 at 5 PM PT.

This lines up seamlessly with the end of the current Season 4 Battle Pass, meaning new content will roll over right away as players install the new update.

Armada Strike, Search & Rescue, and Tournament Mode improvements

Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War introduced Armada Strike, a multiplayer map that takes place on a fleet of ships. The unique environment includes rappel lines for easy access to different levels of the ship. And players can even dive into the water for stealthy flanking routes.

Search & Rescue is a combination of SND and Kill Confirmed. Teams either attack or defend a bomb site, but players can also reive teammates or eliminate enemies by picking up dog tags.

And finally, the weekend Tournament mode will allow players to compete in Multiplayer and the battle royale, starting with the fan-favorite map Alcatraz.

COD Mobile Season 5 patch notes

Here are the full patch notes for CODM Season 5.

New Multiplayer map: Armada Strike

Battle breaks out on the high seas in Armada Strike, where players must fight for dominance on a large ship in the center of a fleet of oceangoing vessels. First introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War, Armada Strike challenges players with skirmishes above and below deck and includes rappel lines for rapid access between both levels.

Dive into the water to conduct aquatic flanking attacks and fight for possession of the central control room to cut off a critical pathway through the ship. Watch for snipers and other long-range Operators across starboard and port, and, whatever you do, keep pushing the enemy team until you hit that victory screen.

New Multiplayer Mode: Search & Rescue

Combining elements of Search & Destroy and Kill Confirmed, Search & Rescue tasks players with attacking or defending bomb sites. Players have the ability to revive downed teammates once per round.

Upon their first elimination, Operators will drop a dog tag where they fall. If a teammate picks it up, the Operator will spawn back into the round; if an enemy gets to it first, the downed Operator is out. As in Search & Destroy, teams can win either by successfully detonating or defusing a bomb site, or by completely eliminating the enemy team.

The Trophy System Comes to Battle Royale

Getting bombarded by grenades and other explosive projectiles? Defend your position with the Trophy System, coming to Battle Royale in Season 5. The autonomous defense system destroys a limited number of incoming explosives while active so that you can focus on the enemy in front of you instead of running away from an impending blast radius. Keep your eyes open for this valuable tactical piece when scavenging across the map.

New Themed Event: Desolate Endurance

Build your own survivor base, collect supplies, construct facilities, and secure your foothold in this land of chaos. Participate in Multiplayer and Battle Royale to earn milestone rewards, including daily tasks that reward advanced materials upon completion. Use these advanced materials to upgrade the buildings in your base, helping you to more efficiently collect further rewards.

Season 5 features new Seasonal Challenges and Events rewarding Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Battle Pass XP, and more, including the new Tactical Flashlight attachment.

New Attachment: Mount the new Tactical Flashlight on the RUS-79U to reveal enemy Operators from a greater distance in all lighting conditions. This is a great attachment for quickly acquiring enemy targets at long-range in all environments.

Check the in-game Events tab throughout the season for more info, as well as for Daily Missions rewards and Monthly Login incentives.

New Improvements to Tournament Mode

Starting in Season 5, the weekend Tournament mode will allow players to compete in both the weekly rotating Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale, beginning with Alcatraz.

Melee Camos: Get up close and personal with new Tournament mode Melee Camos. After unlocking enough Primary Weapon Tournament Camos, the Melee Camos will become available to earn, so you can battle in style even when fighting toe to toe.

Improved Crates: Tournament crate contents will see an upgrade as well, with players being able to use their 1CP coupons on the first pull of Mythic Card Crates.