CoD Mobile devs explain why the Heartbeat Sensor isn’t in-game yet

CoD Mobile Heartbeat SensorActivision

Developers for Call of Duty Mobile have addressed the reason why the long-awaited Heartbeat Sensor hasn’t appeared in the game yet.

The Heartbeat Sensor is one of the most popular pieces of tactical equipment in Call of Duty, especially in Warzone, allowing players to track multiple targets and see the positions of enemies who are nearby. When used well, it can provide a huge advantage.

Rumors that the Heartbeat Sensor will be coming to CoD Mobile have been around for a while now, so fans have been eagerly awaiting confirmation of when the item will arrive – or at the very least, an explanation as to why it’s not in the game yet.

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Well, that question has now been answered by one of the game’s devs, who took to a thread in the CoD Mobile subreddit about the Season 13 Public Test Build to answer a question about the whereabouts of the Heartbeat Sensor.

heartbeat sensor warzoneAIDXN 69, Youtube / Infinity Ward
Call of Duty’s Heartbeat Sensor allows you to locate nearby enemies.

When is the Heartbeat Sensor coming to CoD Mobile?

One fan pointed out that the Heartbeat Sensor is mentioned in the list of tactical equipment, but hasn’t yet appeared in the game. The dev explained that the item “wasn’t intended” to appear in this public test build, but offered some hope for the future.

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“It is something being developed and may show up in a future update,” they wrote. So while players may not be able to utilize the Heartbeat Sensor right now, it’s something that’s definitely still in the works and will likely appear soon.

Whenever the Heartbeat Sensor finally does get added to CoD: Mobile, fans will be hoping it avoids the bugs that have plagued Warzone, where some players have experienced game freezing or dying at random after picking up the device.

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Season 13 of CoD Mobile, dubbed Winter War, launches on December 21, 2020. It brings with it a ton of new content for players to enjoy, including several weapons, a new vehicle, and a revival of the Nuketown Russia map from Black Ops 4.

For the latest news on Cod Mobile, make sure you check out our dedicated Call of Duty hub where you’ll find weapons guides, patch notes, and leaks.

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