Warzone Heartbeat Sensor bug freezes the game completely

Jacob Hale
warzone car and heartbeat sensor

[jwplayer SmN5cmUl]A strange bug in Warzone is causing Heartbeat Sensors to freeze player’s games, often making them lose gunfights or affecting gameplay for an entire match.

In Warzone, the Heartbeat Sensor is almost an essential piece of equipment when picking up your loadout drop. Filling in the Tactical Gear slot, it makes much more sense to carry one of these than, say, a Flash or Stun Grenade, each of which are only a one-time use item.

While using it, you can plan out attacks by seeking out enemy locations, but with the abundance of Ghost users, it is often rendered obsolete anyway.

Warzone tower sniper
The Heartbeat Sensor is usually the perfect tool to counter campers – but now it’s breaking people’s games.

That said, you would still like the option to carry one just in case, but it might not be possible for much longer if this bug persists in the game.

As shown by Leeuwarden-HF in a July 9 Reddit post, the Heartbeat Sensor is causing the game to freeze when they pull it out, looking like a serious bout of lag spikes if not just a broken game.

As you can see, as soon as they hit LB to bring the Heartbeat Sensor out, the game freezes completely, and in the next few seconds the player is jotting all over the place with no real control before his game finally recovers.

As Leeuwarden says, they’ve been facing the issue for about a week, which could correspond roughly with the June 29 update that brought a number of weapon balancing updates to the game.

It appears that the bug is not a one-off, either, judging by the responses in the post. One user said that it “usually happens the first time, but better after that,” while another said that it “happens every now and again but when it happens it makes it unusable in that game.”

It’s fair to say that while this issue doesn’t seem to be massively widespread, with no real reason behind it either, users might want to opt for an alternative to the Heartbeat Sensor to save some aggravating losses and gunfights.

Whether or not this is on Infinity Ward’s radar remains to be seen. Regardless, it’s something that will need fixing soon, especially with how common Heartbeat Sensors are, and it is literally ruining the game experience for some.