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CoD Mobile devs confirm when Diamond camo will finally arrive

Published: 8/Dec/2020 11:35

by Connor Bennett


The Call of Duty Mobile devs have finally confirmed as to when we’ll see the long-awaited Diamond camo in-game, even hinting at what you’ll have to do to unlock it. 

In any Call of Duty game, grinding for weapon camos is a popular venture – especially as, in recent years, you’ve had to unlock every single camo in order to get some master design like Dark Matter or even Gold. 

In the case of CoD Mobile, the developers added the Damascus camo from Modern Warfare as one of the master camos back in Season 11, with the tease of a Diamond design also coming at some point. 


With each passing update, players have been pleading with the devs and asking when, oh when, will they finally release the additional master camo. And when Season 13 gets underway, it looks as if their calls will have finally been answered. 

Damascus camo in CoD Mobile
Damascus camo is in CoD Mobile, but Diamond isn’t.

During their December 7 community update, where they dropped some patch notes and revealed what they’ve got in store for the rest of Season 12, the questions about Diamond camo cropped up again. 

Responding to one asking if it was coming in Season 13, the devs said: “Yes! We’ll see if we can grab some shots of it to share in our next community update.”


Though this is the news some fans have been waiting for, others wanted more – including details on how you’ll be able to earn it. However, the devs didn’t have anything on the front, and added that they’ll “try to bring that information next week too.”

Obviously, the confirmation that the Diamond camo is finally arriving, after waiting for two seasons, is great news for camo grinders who might have thought it was being scrapped. 

We’ll just have to keep an eye on their future community updates to see if they do, finally, have the answers on how we’ll be able to unlock Diamond. Once they do, we’ll update our camo guide, which can be found here.