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CoD Mobile reveals new Snowy Area coming to BR map

Published: 13/Dec/2020 11:20

by Daniel Cleary


Activision has confirmed the release of a new snowy point-of-interest coming to Call of Duty: Mobile’s Battle Royale map in the upcoming Season 13 update.

With each new season in CoD Mobile, Activision introduces plenty of changes, such as new maps, weapons, and more to keep the game fresh for its players.

CoD Mobile is already approaching Season 13, and with just a few days remaining until its release, the developers have surprised fans with an early look at one of the biggest changes.

downhill map in black ops 2
Treyarch / Activision
The teaser looks a lot like Downhill – a DLC map from Black Ops 2.

Activision has confirmed that the Battle Royale map will be receiving yet another update, and they revealed an early look at a new POI, which is covered in snow.


The Cod Mobile devs shared an image of this location, which features some ski lifts, a lodge, and some ski slopes added to the BR map’s terrain.

It is possible that this ski lift change could add some new dynamic elements to the map, and it would make for some interesting gameplay around the new POI.

Some CoD players have already pointed out the similarities with the classic Downhill DLC map from Black Ops 2, initially suggesting that it would return as a multiplayer map.

But, after some speculation, Call of Duty: Mobile confirmed that this is simply a new area for the BR map instead: “this is actually from an updated section of the main Battle Royale map.”


This new area is expected to be added next to the Dormitory POI on the north side of the map, but it is still subject to change ahead of the Season 13 update.

It is also unclear if the BR map will be extended to accommodate this new area or if it will simply be adapted to the current scale of CoD Mobile’s map.

These new changes will all be added in Season 13, which is expected to be released on December 21.