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CoD Mobile Winter War patch: Nuketown, new guns, battle royale changes

Published: 20/Dec/2020 21:46

by Tanner Pierce


December 21, 2020 is set to be the start of a brand-new season for Call of Duty: Mobile titled Winter War, which will add a new Nuketown variant for the game, as well as some major changes to the game’s battle royale map. Here’s what you need to know.

CoD Mobile is constantly proving every season that it is easily the most updated Call of Duty title, consistently delivering a ton of content for new players. Now, on December 21, the game is once again about to get a new season, topically dubbed Winter War.

The new season makes a variety of content available to players, including some new weapons, attachments, scorestreaks, a new vehicle, and more. Of course, players will also be able to get their hands on a new Battle Pass, as well. Here’s the breakdown of the patch notes for the Winter War update.


Winter War is set to bring an updated section to the battle royale map.

Biggest changes with the Winter War update

Easily the biggest addition with the update is the new map Nuketown Russia. The map, which seems to be a carbon copy of Nuketown from Black Ops 4, keeps with the winter-theme by bringing a snow-filled version of the POI we all know and love.

In addition, players will also have access to the new game mode Grind, which is similar to Kill Confirmed, except for the fact that players have to bring dog tags back to an objective in order to secure points.

While the mode was available in public matches as far back as Ghosts, it only became available in a public playlist form with Modern Warfare (2019), so its return here is noteworthy.


Nuketown Russia is set to come to the game, which is just Black Ops 4’s version of the map.

On the new weapons front, there’s two brand-new ones that are coming this season: the Peacekeeper MK2 and the QXR. The former is, of course, from Black Ops 3, while the latter seems to be a rename of the MP7 from Modern Warfare (2019).

The Peacekeeper MK2 can be earned for free in the game’s battle pass, while the QXR is only obtainable through challenges that will be available to the player. Currently, we have yet to see what these challenges are.

Moving onto the game’s battle royale mode, the game’s Ski Town section has been updated to include new Ski-Lifts, while a new Snowboard vehicle was also added to the game.


All in all, it seems like a pretty significant update and fans should have a lot of content to sink their teeth into when it goes live.

Official patch notes follow:

What’s New!

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13

New functional weapons, new Operators, new Scorestreak, new MP map Nuketown – Russia, Raid – Holiday is back, new MP mode, and much more!

Season 13 Battle Pass available December 22nd!

New Premium Battle Pass rewards:

  • New epic blueprints: Peacekeeper MK2 – Blast Off, Man-O-War – Pack Leader, RUS-79U – Troika, BY15 – Top Dog, GKS – Pack Warrior

  • New epic soldiers: Ghost – Dark Vision, Golem – Siberia, Adler – Mountain Drab, Park – Safehouse

  • New legendary Calling Card: Loose Ends

New Free Battle Pass Rewards:

  • New base weapon: Peacekeeper MK2, a fully automatic assault rifle with superior handling and high rate of fire. It has unimaginable flexibilities and can be adapted to various scenarios with the help of the Gunsmith system.

  • New Scorestreak: EMP Systems. Disable the enemy’s electronic equipment and cripple their defenses. Affected enemies cannot use lethal or tactical weapons, operator skills, or Scorestreaks.

New Events Rewards:

New challenges and missions with new rewards:

  • New base weapon QXR: An excellent personal defense weapon. It’s reliable, stable, and includes an exclusive enhanced Perk that can alter the fire for different combat style adaptations.

New Ranked Series

Ranked Series 8: Avalanche will take place from 12.17.2020 until 02.9.2021.

New Ranked mode rewards:


  • New epic Blueprint: Fennec – Midnight

  • New epic Operator: Reznov – Winterwood


New Featured Game Modes!

Grind: Classic Call of Duty game mode.

Players collect dog tags and bring them to the objective to score points. Feel the Grind with the return to this strategic and exciting mode!

  • Available on Nuketown, Crash, Standoff, Crossfire, Firing Range, Raid, Summit, Scrapyard, Rust, Hackney Yard, and Nuketown Russia maps

ookie Confirmed: 10 vs 10 Kill Confirmed special Holiday mode!

Join the battle and collect more gingerbread man!

  • Available on Crossfire, Firing Range, Takeoff, Meltdown, Rust, Tunisia, Shipment, Terminal, and Hackney Yard.

New Map

Nuketown Russia: Brand new Nuketown map.

Visit Nuketown with a frigid twist.

  • Available for Frontline, Team Death Match, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, Grind, and more.

Holiday Raid: Holiday Raid is back! Come and join the fun!

  • Available for Team Death Match, Search & Destroy, Domination, Hard Point, Kill Confirmed, and more.

New Weapon Attachments

  • BK57 – Elite Foregrip: A high control performance grip with manageable recoil.

  • Razorback – Rapid Fire Perk: A Perk that significantly increases fire rate.

New Default Look System

Don’t like how your weapon looks when you change an attachment? The new Default Look system allows the weapons to sport its original appearance, no matter the optimization.


New Vehicle

Snowboard: An exciting new vehicle! Traverse the Battle Royale map like you’re on holiday. The Snowboard is equipped with accelerating device for use not only at the slopes, but on any ground surfaces. Use it by pressing the shortcut button or from the backpack.

Map Update

Ski Town has been upgraded with four new ski lifts and runs: Ski Town is now a full-fledged ski resort! You can reach the town by ski lifts located in Outpost, Nuclear Plant, Dormitory and Heat. Ski runs go to Frigid Wetland, Sanitarium, Nuclear Plant, Overgrown, Dormitory and Heat.

New Mods

Reloader Mods: When equipped, this mod will automatically reload your other weapon in the backpack.



  • Significantly increased ammo amount of Death Machine so fire rate will gradually increase.

  • Significantly increased ammo amount of Equalizer.

  • Decreased Annihilator bullet tracking range.

  • Decreased Ballistic Shield’s pistol ammo amount.

  • Slightly decreased Fennec accuracy when walking and jumping.

  • Slightly decreased Fennec – MIP Light Barrel (Short) and Fennec – No Stock movement speed advantage.

  • Slightly decreased Fennec – Akimbo reloading speed.

  • Slightly decreased Fennec – Akimbo damage.

  • Slightly decreased Arctic.50 – MIP Stopping Power Reload fire rate, recoil control and ammo amount.

  • Decreased HVK30 – Large Caliber Ammo mid-range damage.

  • Decreased Baseball Bat weapon switching speed.

  • Sniper Rifles and Marksman Rifles now have a very short period of steady aiming sight after ADS.

  • Decreased recoil control of YKM Integral Suppressor Light Barrel for ICR-1, LK24, RUS-79U and Chicom.

  • Players now can see which targets blocked by the roof on Predator Missile camera screen.

  • Now XS1 Goliath has two firing buttons on the right side of the screen, one for ADS and a smaller one for hip fire.

  • Cryo Bomb thrown to Molotov Cocktail burning area will be destroyed.

  • Molotov Cocktail thrown to Cryo Bomb freezing area will be destroyed.

  • Trip Mine now can only be triggered by touching the laser. Sliding and prone no longer avoids Trip Mine damage.

  • Annihilator no longer tracks players using Ballistic Shield from the front.

  • Flak Jacket Perk now can reduce Molotov Cocktail and Thermite DOT damage.

  • Dead Silence Perk only takes effect when player is walking, squat walking and crawling

  • In Attack of the Undead, players now automatically switch to main weapon when Death Machine runs out of ammo.

  • High-quality Ranked matches now have unique icons in personal history page.

  • Attachment advantages/disadvantages now show specific stats in Gunsmith.

  • Optimized FPP running animation.

  • Optimized prone position logic. Prone position available with obstacles behind.

  • Optimized gun switching logic. Switching guns while running will no longer slow player down.

  • Optimized position switching speed between standing, squatting and lying.

  • Optimized exploded vehicle model. Bullets and projectiles can go through the exploded vehicle based on the actual model size.

  • Optimized display of Reaction Skin weapons.

  • Optimized upgrade experience details of mythic weapons and added guidance.

  • Optimized mythic weapons awards.

  • Optimized matching algorithm of Multiplayer Ranked mode. Players in single game have similar skill levels.

  • Optimized Ranking points calculation rules for Domination and Hardpoint. Participating in taking/holding target points now offers higher Ranking points.

  • Optimized sharing interface for Legendary Ranked players.

  • Optimized multiplayer match algorithm. Narrowed the level gap between players in a single game.

Battle Royale

  • Increased Grenade explosion area of effect.

  • Increased Cluster Grenade explosion area of effect.

  • Increased Longshot Mods range.

  • Increased Dense Fire Mods accuracy on ADS.

  • Increased the ammo amount limit for auto pick-up.

  • Extend Mods and Void Mods now have independent stats increases for Sniper Rifles.

  • Decreased Arctic.50 recoil control.

  • New effects will emphasize the locations which teammates have marked on map.

  • Optimized Cluster Grenade smaller explosions. Smaller grenades now bounce farther and more randomly.

  • Optimized weapon switch animation while running.

  • Optimized angle and distance of obstacle crossing.

  • Optimized character’s performance when using the eye icon.

  • Optimized BR Ranking point calculation rule. Players can see the details of the ranking point calculation.

  • Optimized sharing interface for Legendary Ranked players.

  • Optimized item pickup experience.

  • Optimized airdrop landing soundtracks.

  • Optimized safe zone collapsing logic. Significantly reduced the probability of safe zone completely collapsing into the water area mechanistically.

  • Optimized fonts on mini map.

  • Optimized height bars for parachute/wing suit flight with a lighter design.

  • The following blueprints are now available in Battle Royale: Type 25, BK57, LK24, Man-O-War, HVK30, Peacekeeper MK2, QXR, NA45, PDW57, Razorback, BY15, .50 GS

  • Following blueprints are temporarily unavailable in Battle Royale: KN-44, HG 40, Kilo Bolt-Action.

General Issues Fixed

  • Fixed occasional inability to switch to grenades or sub-weapons at the beginning of the match.

  • Fixed inability to shoot at the enemy behind breakable glass in simple fire mode.

  • Fixed inability to fire after the effect of a concussion grenade.

  • Fixed BR issue where items from the bottom of the pickup list appear at the top of the list.