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Warzone players are literally being killed by their own Heartbeat Sensors

Published: 11/Sep/2020 12:31

by Jacob Hale


Warzone players are losing their minds over a bug that literally sees them dying at the hands of their own Heartbeat Sensor, and it makes absolutely no sense.

Warzone has faced its fair share of bugs, and some are literally game-breaking, such as the one that saw vehicles literally crashing entire lobbies. While this might not fall exactly into that category, it’s fair to say that this would absolutely ruin your fun and enjoyment of the game.

The Heartbeat Sensor is one of the most popular items in Warzone, with most players opting to carry it as their tactical equipment over the likes of Stun or Gas Grenades — but that might change if it keeps impacting people like this.


Warzone player at buy station
Most players will have Heartbeat Sensors when they get their loadouts.

As well as having issues with players showing up on the Sensor when there’s nobody around, as well as Ghost not always working in hiding you from enemy Heartbeat Sensors, now the equipment is literally knocking players dead for seemingly no reason.

As you can see in the clip below, posted to Reddit by GiantDreamDwarf, they find a Heartbeat Sensor and are delighted about it, thinking they’ve struck gold now they’ll better be able to identify enemy locations.

Instead, it all comes crashing down almost instantly. While waiting for another ping of the device to see if there are enemies near them, instead Dwarf just drops dead, despite not being shot from anywhere or being hit by enemy explosives.


Instead, as you can see in the killcam, it credits the kill to another player, saying they got the kill with a Heartbeat Sensor. Not only that, but the player who gets credit for the kill doesn’t even shoot, and instead seems to be just trying to navigate the map — miles away from where Dwarf was.

Not only that, but the enemy doesn’t even use a Heartbeat Sensor, so to say they killed Dwarf with one looks absurd, and there’s no logical reason for why this run of events may have happened.

One of the comments said that something similar happened to them in Season 2, but this doesn’t look to be a particularly common occurrence, and Infinity Ward will likely try to look into this to figure out why these things may be happening, and put an end to it for good.