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Classic CoD party mode returning to Modern Warfare

Published: 16/Jun/2020 11:02

by Jacob Hale


A classic Call of Duty mode is returning to Modern Warfare this week, alongside a bunch of new content following the launch of Season 4.

As always, the powers that be at Modern Warfare are looking to keep content fresh and fun for players and, even though Modern Warfare and Warzone Season 4 only launched on June 10, Infinity Ward are already bringing players something new.

In the first update since Season 4 launched, Modern Warfare gets new cosmetics and a classic Call of Duty party mode making its grand return to the game.

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Modern Warfare party modes bring a fun twist to Free for All gameplay.

In Activision’s ‘This Week in Call of Duty’ blog post, published on June 15, it was revealed that One in the Chamber will be coming to Call of Duty, a Free For All mode with a twist.


In One in the Chamber, you start with just a pistol and one bullet; if you get a kill, you get an extra bullet, but if you miss, you’re literally bringing a knife to a gunfight.

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Health is lowered in One in the Chamber, meaning if you hit your shot, you’re guaranteed the kill, so make sure you’re being as precise as possible when you load into the game.

One in the Chamber was one of the incredibly popular Party modes first introduced to Call of Duty back in the first iteration of Black Ops in 2010, alongside Gun Game and Sticks and Stones.


Since then, it has made very few appearances in new Call of Duty titles: it was added to Modern Warfare 3 the following year and as a party game in Black Ops 2 the year after that, but then was left on the sidelines until a short-lived resurgence as a limited-time mode in Black Ops 4 in 2019.

One in the Chamber first arrived in Call of Duty in 2010’s Black Ops 1.

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Related News

A couple of weeks prior to the launch of Modern Warfare in October 2019, we reported on a list of modes that were rumored to be added to the game post-launch, and that list included One in the Chamber.

Other modes on this list, that haven’t yet made their way to the game, include the likes of Search and Rescue, Defender, and Team Juggernaut.


Now, though, One in the Chamber is being added to the game, likely on the usual Tuesday (June 16) patch day, so keep an eye out for a Modern Warfare update on your system very soon.