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Call of Duty

Warzone 200-player BR and other new modes teased in Modern Warfare

Published: 14/Jun/2020 22:53

by Theo Salaun


The future of Call of Duty: Warzone appears to have been teased, as a brand-new menu available for the Free Access Weekend amplifies speculation over a few prospective modes.

This weekend is a Free Access Multiplayer Weekend for players who only own the free-to-play Warzone and it appears that Infinity Ward has slid in, either purposefully or accidentally, a teaser of what modes may be coming to Warzone in Season 4.

As seen in a screenshot of an in-game menu, three never-before-seen modes are shown as playlist options alongside the battle royale’s fan-favorite Duos: BR 200, Plunder 200, and BR Juggernaut. Each has been mentioned by developers in the past, but this suggests they’ll be available sooner than expected.


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Juggernaut Royale was the latest to receive an official confirmation. In the game’s press release for Season 4, it was specified that the mode would debut at some point and would make the iconic Killstreak available for capture, subsequently granting you “higher health, a mini-gun, and a sweet music track to accompany you during the Warzone match.”

This also coincides with the appearance of glitched Juggernaut Miniguns appearing in place of normal ground loot, which was considered an indication that the game’s files are already being prepared for the hefty Killstreak’s addition.

Infinity Ward
An in-game menu for Free Access Weekend teases new Warzone modes in the background.

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As for the “200” modes, this was actually a point of discussion back in March when Patrick Kelly, Infinity Ward’s Studio Head, explained that the team was “already playing with 200 players.” Already boasting the largest number of players per game in a battle royale and nearly the largest map, fans have long wondered if Verdansk could handle even more players and, intriguingly, an increased squad size.

At the moment, Warzone’s peak squad size option is Quads (aside from Rumble’s 50 vs. 50), but getting up to five has been the subject of much discussion. In the game’s base mode, Trios, you get 50 teams of three players apiece and this goes to about 37 teams in Quads. 


While teams of five would be a reach at the moment, since you would have just 30 teams on the map—much lower than all current modes—this number jumps up to 40 if you get 200 players in the game, hitting the map’s sweet spot easily.

Minigun in Warzone.
Whyshne (Reddit) / Infinity Ward
The Juggernaut’s Minigun render is appearing randomly in Warzone matches.

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With Season 4 launching on June 11, it’s unlikely that these new modes show up within the next week or so. But it appears that they’ve each been being worked on for a while now, considering various hints from developers.

Exact details are unclear, but one thing is known for certain: Infinity Ward will be mixing things up on a larger, more explosive scale in Season 4.