Censor claims he was blocked from CDL Fortune’s Keep Warzone tournament for “harassing” Nadia

YouTube: Censor

The Boston Breach included Doug ‘Censor’ Martin in its original CDL Resurgence Fortune’s Keep roster, but he revealed why he has since been “blocked” from the tournament.

Warzone streamer Nadia Amine has established herself as one of the most popular Warzone streamers. Her rise to fame was shrouded in doubt because of cheating allegations. However, up until now, all of the claims have been disproven.

Censor threatened to expose Call of Duty hackers after allegedly getting a list from a cheat provider. He followed up by announcing a video focused on Nadia talking about whether or not she cheated. The Boston Breach content creator even leaked direct messages between them before the video was released.

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Instead of uncovering any secrets, Censor proposed to Nadia, and it was quickly shot down. Several content creators bashed the video, and Martin claims that the stunt prevented him from competing in the Resurgence Fortune’s Keep Tournament.

CDL Resurgence Fortune's Keep 100k tournamentActivision

Censor reveals why he didn’t compete in CDL Fortune’s Keep tournament

The Call of Duty League hosted a $100,000 Resurgence Tournament on the Warzone map Fortune’s Keep, concluding on October 16. Team Envailed walked away victorious, taking home the $30,000 main prize.

In a deleted tweet, Censor revealed, “Activision did block me from competing in the 100K Fortunes Keep because Nadia was playing in it. They said I harassed her. I found that quite hysterical, to be honest.”

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CDL Intel shared a screenshot of the deleted Tweet.

The Tournament featured 32 teams comprised of CDL pros and former competitors. Nadia competed on a team with Flxnked and Intechs and qualified for the final day, placing top 16.

Someone commented, “I just wanted to waste everyone’s time because I need attention,” and Censor defended releasing the Nadia proposal video.

“I love the attention and the clout yet. But I delivered in what I said I was going to deliver, internet played themselves.”

While Censor was removed from Boston Breach’s Fortune’s Keep tournament roster, as of writing, he is still a content creator for the organization.

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