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Call of Duty community pleads Activision to support Australia fire relief

Published: 9/Jan/2020 4:01

by Brad Norton


Having just released an Australian-centric bundle of cosmetic content in Modern Warfare, the Call of Duty community is requesting that all profits be donated to Australian fire relief efforts by Infinity Ward.

While the gaming community has come together in a number of heartfelt ways in support of the recent bushfire crisis impacting Australia, dedicated Call of Duty players are pleading Activision to focus their efforts in kind. 

Similar to a recent suggestion that gained traction in the Overwatch landscape, Modern Warfare’s avid community is requesting that all profits from the latest Season One content drop be donated to fire relief efforts in Australia.


Infinity Ward - Modern WarfareThe Outback content bundle is one of many to have been released throughout Season One in Modern Warfare.

Released in a January 8 title update, Infinity Ward introduced two new cosmetic content bundles to Modern Warfare’s in-game store. 

One collection titled ‘Wolfpack,’ features two unique weapon skins, an emblem, and a new calling card themed around wolves. Additionally, the second bundle, ‘Outback,’ is unsurprisingly Australia-centric. With a prominent notice on the home-screen, the bundle is promoted with a sniper standing amidst Aussie bushland.

“Australia has more deadly species than anywhere else. The deadliest? Humans,” the accompanying text reads. A larger content pack collecting all manner of cosmetic items from operator skins to finishing moves, each of the new additions are entirely themed around the sunburnt country.


Added into the game while Australian’s endure the worst bushfire season the nation has ever seen, CoD fans are requesting Activision donate all profits from these particular cosmetics directly to fire relief efforts across the continent. 

All the money earned from the outback bundle should be donated to charities helping to stop the fire spread and Australia from modernwarfare

Garnering a great deal of attention online, popular content creators have even chimed in and suggested that the publisher hop on board and support the cause. 

Blake Cissel of Team Summertime and NRG emphasized “it would be insanely cool to see proceeds of this “Outback” bundle benefit the Australian fire/wildlife relief. ” 

While countless fans have gestured in support of the movement in their own posts, an Activision representative responded to Cissel’s Tweet shortly after. “I know this is for a good cause as well considering what’s happening and I’ll let the teams know on my end as well.”


With months of sweltering heat left throughout the Australian summer, and fires still spreading, there’s a great deal left for the nation to endure before the crisis is fully under control. In the meantime, every bit of support can certainly go a long way.

If you’d like to help, you can donate through the Australian Red Cross or The Salvation Army. Alternatively, you can send support directly to the brave souls currently combating the fires with the NSW Rural Fire Service.