YouTuber plays Modern Warfare using actual bongos with hilarious results


Taking inspiration from YouTube sensation Basically Homeless, Super Louis 64 has created the ultimate Donkey Kong Jungle Beat controller mod for Modern Warfare, using the Nintendo game’s iconic bongos.

While the ongoing debate between controller versus mouse and keyboard remains rife, there are some players who just love to think outside of the box. 

Super Louis 64 has taken inspiration from fellow YouTuber, Basically Homeless, by taking a modded version of Donkey Kong’s iconic bongos and using them in a competitive online first-person shooter — Call of Duty.

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Basically Homeless (YouTube)Basically Homeless ran riot in ranked Rainbow 6 Siege with DK’s famous bongos.

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Yes, you read that right. Almost three months into Modern Warfare’s lifecycle and most of us are still attempting to fine-tune are in-game settings. On the other side of the fence, however, are players like Super Louis 64. 

A quick glance at their YouTube channel would tell you that this isn’t uncharted territory. From beating Halo 3 with a Guitar Hero controller, to playing Halo Reach with a literal bunch of bananas… You get the gist. 

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While on the surface their latest venture is seemingly impossible, Super Louis 64’s attempt at playing Modern Warfare with bongos was more fruitful than you’d initially anticipate. 

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The mod did come with its restrictions, though. With no ability to reload, sprint, aim down sights or switch weapons, the odds were most definitely stacked against him. 

Nonetheless, the player hopped right into a Team Deathmatch and landed a kill right off the bat. Pretty impressive, considering the constraints. 

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Super Louis also posted a clip from their video to the Modern Warfare subreddit, where the clip was lapped up (earning almost 2k upvotes in less than 24 hours) in a post titled: “I played MW with DK Bongos, 9/10 would bong again.”

One user even prompted a collaboration with Basically Homeless (often referred to as Mr. Hummus) by jesting: “Mr. Hummus wants to know your location.”

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While the pair have both used the bongos to great effect, Mr. Hummus’ attempt even incorporated some ‘authentic’ Donkey Kong audio cues to prompt his weapon to fire.

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So next time you’re taken down in a first-person shooter, just know that there’s a sliver of a chance that it could have been done with bongos. 

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