Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer maps revealed in new ‘The Red Door’ leaks

Isaac McIntyre

More than half a dozen multiplayer maps for Call of Duty 2020, which is reportedly set to be called Black Ops Cold War, have leaked thanks to the mysterious new ‘The Red Door’ listing on the Xbox Live game store.

According to datamining leaks, there are already eight multiplayer maps hidden in the brand new The Red Door listing on the Xbox store. The mysterious title, which appeared on July 15, is rumored to be the Call of Duty 2020 beta.

Interestingly enough, these new multiplayer files ⁠— found by dataminer ProtoWarehouse and shared by ModernWarzone — echo the same details that YouTuber TheXclusiveAce revealed all the way back on June 26.

Summit from Call of Duty Black Ops 1.
Treyarch has yet to confirm which multiplayer maps will appear in their Call of Duty 2020 title.

That suggests these may well and truly be eight of the launch maps set to be bundled into the late-2020 release of Treyarch’s seventh entry into the Call of Duty franchise. Here are all eight of the maps we’ve seen so far:

  • Black Sea
  • Cartel
  • K.G.B.
  • Miami
  • Moscow
  • Satellite
  • Tank
  • Tundra

The eight leaked maps all appeared in TheXclusiveAce’s now-deleted YouTube post last month as well. That suggests he may have been pressured into delisting the video by Activision’s legal team. This was likely due to the veracity of the leaks.

Of these eight multiplayer maps, one stands out: ‘Tank’. In June, 45 minutes of pre-alpha Call of Duty 2020 gameplay footage was reportedly leaked. At the time, many dismissed the clips as fake. Now, it looks like they were entirely correct.

The main multiplayer map shown off in a 106-second snippet shared around on social media on June 3 was allegedly titled ‘Tanks’. The pre-alpha footage showed a fully-sized Black Ops map that had not been fully rendered.

Tank in Call of Duty Black Ops series.
Leaks seem to suggest one of the new CoD 2020 maps will be based around a tank.

Activision never publicly commented on the June 3 leaks. The studio did, however, issue multiple copyright strikes and DMCA warnings for those hosting the footage on Twitter, and the footage has since been scrubbed from the internet.

These leaks come a month after reports emerged that multiple Black Ops maps are allegedly in the works. Insider reports suggest fan-favorite Black Ops 1 maps like Nuketown, Jungle, Summit, and Firing Range will all be included.

Nuketown first debuted in Call of Duty Black Ops.
Nuketown has appeared as a multiplayer map in every Black Ops title so far. It may return again in 2020’s release.

New Call of Duty 2020 multiplayer maps have been far from the only thing dug out of the new ‘The Red Door’ listing by dataminers. They have also discovered most campaign level names for the Black Ops Cold Wars title.

The new July leaks have also locked in the return of the super-popular Call of Duty Zombies mode, which has become a staple for Treyarch releases over the past decade. Warzone will also be getting new zones, the leaks suggest.

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