CoD 2020 leak reveals campaign missions for Black Ops Cold War


A leaked list of the campaign missions for Call of Duty: 2020 appears to confirm that players will return to parts of the original Black Ops storyline.

Since Treyarch has remained tight-lipped surrounding information pertaining to the 2020 iteration into the Call of Duty franchise, leaks and supposed inside information has fueled the majority of what we know.

After the ‘Red Door’ alpha appeared on the Xbox Live store with the codename ‘Black Ops CIA,’ there has been more fuel added to the fire — with plenty speculating around the meaning of the ominous cover art.

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But now it appears that we now have our first major piece of information relating to the game’s campaign — which is rumored to be based around the events of the Cold War — with a list of the campaign missions being leaked.

Call of Duty Black Ops' Woods talking to the player.Activision
Woods has played a huge part in the Black Ops storyline.

CoD 2020 leaked campaign missions

Prominent data miner, ‘ModernWarzone’ posted a list of the supposed CoD 2020 campaign missions, referencing their source as ‘ProtoWarehouse’ — a fellow data miner who’s also discovered hidden weapon animations for Modern Warfare.

Most notably, the list includes distinct references to Vietnam and the Nicaraguan Revolution, both of which have previously played a pivotal role in the Black Ops storyline.

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Should these missions be in chronological order, then it appears that players will be visiting the events in Vietnam first; with ‘nam_armada’ and ‘nam_prisoner’ likely pertaining to missions based in Vietnam.

So where are the ties into Black Ops lore? It’s the third mission on the list, ‘nic_revolution,’ which sparks the most interest.

Occurring after the inception of the Vietnam War, the Nicaraguan Revolution is a pivotal part of the Cold War and also marks a time where a certain Raul Menendez (nemesis to Woods and Mason) developed his hatred for the west.

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Given Treyarch’s readiness to revisit the events of the past to tell their story, it’s entirely plausible that we’ll be returning to Nicaragua before the events of Black Ops II’s ‘Time and Fate’ mission, which revolves around Mason raiding Menendez’ mansion.

Mount Yamantau is also a location that players visited in the original Black Ops game, in the mission WMD, and is the location of classic multiplayer maps WMD and Summit.

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This is all open to interpretation, of course, but it is without a doubt the largest piece of information that we have received on Call of Duty 2020’s campaign to-date.As with all leaks, though, they must be taken with a pinch of salt until there’s any official confirmation.

A trailer is said to be just around the corner, with the most abundant theory being that fans will be able to watch the trailer inside Verdansk’s Stadium POI, should it open up as part of Warzone’s sixth season.

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