Brutal Warzone glitch makes Cold War attachment visible through walls


A new glitch has been discovered in Call of Duty: Warzone that makes Black Ops Cold War’s flashlight attachment (and potentially others) able to be seen through walls and doors.

Warzone’s launch within the confines of Black Ops Cold War Cold War has been met with a lot of controversy from players. Now, with guns from both BOCW and Modern Warfare being included, some unwanted glitches have surfaced.

The flashlight attachment in BOCW can be pretty useful, unlocked for guns at a relatively low level, and do their job at highlighting enemy players from a fair distance away

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Because of this, the flashlight has become a staple on maps such as Cartel where enemies are often hiding in the tall grass near the B flag on domination. Furthermore, some have been using it on their weapons in Warzone as well, not to mention the ground-loot guns that come with it attached.

Players may want to think twice before using the flashlight in Warzone.

You would think too, that due to Warzone’s map sizes, the flashlight would be a great go-to attachment, and that could be the case if it wasn’t for some brutal glitches.

As demonstrated on Warzone Reddit page, a player was waiting inside of a room in a building on Verdansk and could see an enemy’s flashlight literally clip through the door.

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With the opponent’s position given away without them even realizing it, the player was able to blow them away the second the door opened, getting the down before moving in for the kill.

It does seem like the enemy player may have shown up briefly on the Redditor’s map just before they opened the door, but if they didn’t notice, the fact that the attachment gave away their position could be enough to push people away from the flashlight.

So far, it seems like this bug is only affecting Mounted Flashlight, but it’s possible that it could end up applying to the Nightstalker Spotlight and the Tiger Team Spotlight as well, since those offer the same type of effect.

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Of course, this could just end up being as the developers intended, because certain attachments, such as Modern Warfare’s 5mw and Tac Lasers, can be seen from far away. So far, there hasn’t been any comment from the devs on the bug, so be sure to be on the lookout for it in the patch notes fore future updates.