Insane Warzone glitch gives players infinite respawns on Rebirth Island

Warzone Rebirth Island mapActivision

Rebirth Island has barely been live for a week in Warzone and yet players have already uncovered a game-breaking issue that’s providing an infinite number of lives on the new map.

Blackout’s Alcatraz is back in full force as small lobbies drop into the mix for fast-paced battle royale gameplay. One unique twist to Warzone’s Rebirth Island is that players can respawn and try their luck again if they’re taken out.

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This leads to some intense encounters with teams constantly redeploying. However, it comes with a limit. Eventually, there must be a winner, so respawns are limited. Though there’s a new exploit working against these rules.

Teams have accidentally stumbled upon a game-breaking bug that allows for infinite respawns. No matter how many times they’re knocked out, regardless of gas taking up the entire map, this glitch kept them dropping back in on repeat.

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30 players remained in the regular Rebirth Island lobby on December 20. Nothing out of the ordinary seemed to happy up until Reddit user ‘moi865’ was taken out of commission. Instead of their countdown reaching zero and letting them redeploy, they were trapped.

A teammate left the game right at this split second, causing their view to remain stuck in one place. There was no way to redeploy or even move the camera around. However, their final remaining teammate had some better luck. They were able to respawn again and again without issue.

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The game completely bugged out, giving infinite lives and paving the way for a free win. No matter how many times their ally died, they simply couldn’t lose. Even the gas wasn’t enough to stop them as they could just redeploy once again.

Toxic gas took over the entire map. It didn’t take long before the win was locked up. Obviously, this wasn’t intentional but if timed right, there’s nothing stopping one player from leaving every game to guaranteed wins for the other two.

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Warzone gameplayActivision
Teams could be seeing this victory screen on Rebirth Island every match if they utilize the new exploit.

It took a good while for the match to play out but the win was guaranteed early on. Activision is yet to address this particular issue, but given how damaging it is, expect to see a fix relatively soon.

If you’re just getting your footing on Rebirth Island and want to secure some wins without an exploit, here’s a rundown on our best landing spots for the new map.