“Broken” Cold War shotgun can dominate meta SMGs in Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone character aiming with shotgunActivision

Tired of dying to SMGs at close range in Call of Duty: Warzone? Well, you might want to revisit a shotgun from Black Ops Cold War that is apparently “broken” again. 

If you drop into a game of Warzone and take on a close-range fight with an enemy, chances are you’re going to see an SMG – probably the Welgun or Owen Gun – being used against you.

While the SMGs are incredibly deadly, thanks to their fire rate, they aren’t the only option to dominate a close-range fight. As we’ve seen before, shotguns can also be incredibly effective at times, especially if you’re using the likes of the Dragon Breath rounds or meta JAK-12 build.

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Even though some players have been adopting the latter in Season 3, it isn’t the only shotgun that players are finding success with. Some have managed to rack up wins using the Gallo from Black Ops Cold War, which is a throwback to a few seasons ago.

The Gallo SA12 previously built a reputation as one of the best shotguns from Cold War.

Warzone guru Metaphor highlighted the Black Ops Cold War shotgun in his May 15 video, claiming that it is currently “broken” in Season 3 and could be a viable alternative to SMGs.

“These guns are a problem. Every time you die to one, you feel like you got cheated,” he said. “This gun makes it feel like people don’t have 300 hp. This feels like 250 hp and you are absolutely decimating people with this thing, as long as they are pretty up close.”

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If you’ve run the Gallo before, you’re likely familiar with the YouTuber’s build, seeing as it incorporates the Agency Choke, 21.4′ Reinforced Heavy barrel, and STANAG 12-round tube magazine.

Best Gallo SA12 loadout in Warzone Season 3

  • Muzzle: Agency Choke
  • Barrel: 21.4′ Reinforced Heavy
  • Laser: Ember Sighting Point
  • Stock: Wire Stock
  • Magazine: STANAG 12-round magazine

As noted, shotguns still go under the radar in Warzone despite their effectiveness. As per WZRanked stats, the Gallo only has a 0.16 pick rate, so it is pretty slept on.

Players may argue that shotguns are not worth running, given that you do have to be pretty up close to maximize their potential. Though, they’re worth trying anyway.