“Broken” Warzone SMG deletes enemies faster than meta AR’s

Connor Bennett
Silver PDSW over night time Al Mazrah pa in WarzoneActivision

There’s a “broken” SMG in Warzone that packs a punch like an assault rifle and is being pretty overlooked by battle royale players. 

Before Modern Warfare 2 gives way to Modern Warfare 3 on November 10, the devs have still managed to roll out a few changes that have affected both multiplayer and Warzone. 

In the case of the latter, these changes have shaken up what was once a stale meta. Some dominant guns – like the TR-76 Geist, ISO 45, and Lachmann 762 have fallen away just a little bit. That’s allowed others to rise up and, in some cases, reclaim their previous standing in the meta. 

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One gun that has always been on the fringes of the meta, regardless of changes, is the PDSW – or the P90 to some. The hard-hitting SMG has always been a solid choice, however, it might now be a fully-fledged meta option.

Best PDSW loadout in Warzone Season 6

Why? Well, Warzone guru SallyIsADog highlighted it in his October 30 video, claiming that it is the new “broken” gun in the battle royale because of its deadly fire rate.

“When you pop on the barrel and silencer that I have, it almost doubles the P90’s bullet velocity, making this almost hit scan,” he said. “It has better bullet velocity than any base AR, it is up there with the LMGs – the only issue is it’s still an SMG and it’s not meant for long-range.”

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The barrel and silencer in question are the 17’ Corvus Prorange and EXF Huntress-90, which go alongside the Aim OP-V4, FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel, and Stip-40 Grip to make up the rest of the loadout. 

  • Muzzle: 17’ Corvus Prorange
  • Barrel: EXF Huntress-90
  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Sight: Aim OP-V4
  • Rear Grip: Stip-40 Grip

One of the other bonuses of the PDSW build is that it barely moves anyway, so you don’t have to worry too much about the recoil messing things up. 

As noted, given that the PDSW has consistently been on the fringes of the meta, everyone has probably given it a try at least once. So, why not go back to it now?

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