JGOD explains Warzone perk every player needs to change in their loadout

JGOD side-by-side with Warzone Cold Blooded perk on tableJGOD/Activision

Warzone guru JGOD has explained why players should ditch the Heartbeat Sensors and change up their perks and equipment as there is a much better way to go about things. 

Over the past couple of updates, Warzone’s arsenal of perks and equipment has gone through some pretty drastic changes. At one point, you couldn’t drop into a game and hope to score a win without using a Heartbeat Sensor or equipping the Cold-Blooded perk, but that’s changed.

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With the Season 2 Reloaded update, many top players started adopting the newly-buffed Restock and Quick Fix perks on certain classes, as those changes allowed them to be even more aggressive when taking fights.

Although the Season 3 update didn’t shake up the perks and equipment meta, Warzone Guru JGOD has highlighted the fact that players should probably do away with their old setups, especially if they’re still running Heartbeat Sensors.

Warzone perks laid out on gunsmith tableActivision
Warzone’s perk meta hasn’t really changed too much.

In his May 10 video, the Warzone veteran noted that players can ditch the Heartbeat Sensors and run Snapshot Grenades with the Restock perk instead as there is no counter.

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“The Snapshot Grenade does a full cylinder, vertically up to infinity with a diameter of 25-ish meters,” the YouTuber said, talking about the perk’s power. “Despite what you’d believe, in terms of Battle Hardened helping out, it still gives away your position.”

JGOD also stated that things become really “broken” when Restock is equipped and you’re playing something other than solos, just because of regeneration time. “If you’re in duos, you’re going to be able to throw one every 12 seconds. In trios, you’re going to be able to do this every eight seconds. You can just walk around the map and constantly throw these,” he added.

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While the grenades are “broken” in solos, the YouTuber noted that they are still “very good” to use if you’re timing them correctly and playing aggressively.

As per WZRanked stats, the Snapshot Grenades are the most popular bit of equipment in the battle royale, but Restock is still lagging behind Ghost and Overkill in usage.

Though, that might change before long once players realize just how good they are as a duo.

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