Black Ops Cold War Season 4 trailer reveals Hijacked, new Zombies map, weapons, more

Black Ops Cold War Season 4Activision

Activision has finally unveiled Black Ops Cold War Season 4 with a new trailer that debuted at the 2021 Summer Game Fest. From the return of Hijacked to a new Zombies map and everything in between, here’s all there is to know. 

After weeks of anticipation, Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 have finally been revealed. While the battle royale experience is being updated with new locations and weapons, Black Ops Cold War is also set for some major additions.

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Multiplayer and Zombies fans alike have been treated to new looks at what’s in store for the next big update. From maps to weapons and a few other surprises, there’s plenty to digest.

Here’s a complete rundown on everything we know about Black Ops Cold War Season 4 following the new teaser.

Black Ops Cold War Season 4 trailer

The full Black Ops Cold War Season 4 trailer debuted on June 10 at the 2021 Summer Game Fest. Throughout the presentation, Call of Duty General Manager Johana Faries joined Geoff Keighley to reveal the minute-long teaser.

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From new cutscene footage to first-looks at new Zombies updates, the trailer provided our first proper look at the upcoming season.

Hijacked returns in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

After rumors began circulating in May, we now have confirmation that Hijacked is finally back. The fan-favorite Black Ops 2 map has seen a number of unique iterations over the years, ranging from an appearance in Blackout, to a port in CoD Mobile, but now, it’s being brought to life in Cold War.

This small-scale map became an extremely popular pick due to its close-range action, similar to the likes of Nuketown and Firing Range. Rather than a complete remake, the Cold War iteration appears to be visually similar to its original design from 2012.

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New multiplayer maps in Black Ops Cold War Season 4

Black Ops Cold War Season 4Activision
Amsterdam is a new 2v2 map coming to Black Ops Cold War in Season 4.

Outside of the returning classic, Season 4 is also set to introduce a few brand new maps as well. Collateral was first up in the trailer, showcasing a rather large map with vehicles and explosions aplenty. This new location will be featured in both 6v6 and 12v12 playlists.

Amsterdam was next on display as Season 4 introduces yet another 2v2 map. The tight-knit battlefield puts players on the rooftops and as always with Gunfight maps, appears to have a few distinct lanes of engagement.

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There’s currently no telling if both of these new additions will be available at launch in Season 4, or added in a mid-season update. We’ll be sure to keep you posted as soon as details are locked in.

New Black Ops Cold War Zombies map in Season 4

Season 4 Zombies in Black Ops Cold WarActivision
Could this be our first teaser for the next proper Zombies map?

With bigger plans in store for the Zombies experience than ever before, the Season 4 trailer provided our first tease of what’s to come. We see glimpses of new areas in the more open-world Outbreak experience as the undead have been “uncaged.”

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Moreover, the trailer ends with a new underground railroad on display. This location seems to be risky for both players and Zombies alike as a fiery train soars through to clear up anyone on the tracks. 

It’s too early to gauge whether this is part of the Outbreak experience, or something entirely new. We’ll just have to wait and see how the evolving mode plays out over the next few weeks.

While this brief trailer gave us a first look at what’s to come, there’s still plenty more to unpack. Activision confirmed that a full reveal is set for June 14 and we’ll keep you up to speed right here with all the big announcements.

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Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 4 launches on June 17.