One major CoD Mobile feature Dr Disrespect wants to see added to Warzone

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Dr Disrespect CoD Mobile

After dropping into the Call of Duty Mobile battle royale for the first time, Dr Disrespect was “blown away.” Here’s the one key feature he wants to see carried over in Warzone moving forward.

To hear that Doc “had a lot of fun” with a mobile game might seem a little out of character. After all, he infamously roasted every handheld player on Earth back in 2019, arguing that “mobile gamers aren’t real gamers.”

That was exactly the case after his first hands-on session with CoD Mobile though. While taking on popular mobile content creator iFerg, Doc was enamored by the title. From the unique looting system to fast-paced mobility, he “enjoyed all of it.”

With a few hours of battle royale experience under his belt in the mobile release, there was one big takeaway above all else: Dr Disrespect wants to see Warzone’s map design taking notes from CoD Mobile.

CoD Mobile Battle Royale
CoD Mobile’s battle royale map left Doc wanting more from Warzone.

“Look at this area, it feels much different,” he said while pushing through ‘Isolated,’ CoD Mobile’s unique battle royale map. “See, they do a good job with the design of this map and making it feel different everywhere you go.”

It’s this diversity that stood out to the YouTube star. “It reminds me very much of the Blackout feel and design,” Doc explained. When it comes to “variation,” CoD Mobile’s experience varies in terms of both “verticality and terrain” when compared to Warzone.

From snowy mountains to lush jungle areas, he praised the game’s map design. When held up against the recently revamped Verdansk ‘84, he argued that it’s a completely different style.

“Verdansk to me feels really flat across the board,” he added. “It just makes me wish we had more things happening [in Warzone].

The relevant section begins at the 1:41:23 mark below.

While this first venture into mobile territory was a one-off for the 80’s Throwdown event, more handheld streams could be on the horizon for Doc. “If I can get a legit setup, figure out my technique… you never know.”

At the end of his first mobile session, Doc admitted he was “blown away. I was overwhelmed with the amount of content. The mobile community is spoiled.”

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