Rumor: Black Ops 2 map Hijacked coming in Cold War Season 4

Hijacked with BOCW logoTreyarch

A prominent Call of Duty leaker has claimed that Hijacked – the infamous Black Ops II map – will be making a return in Black Ops Cold War Season 4. 

Black Ops Cold War has, like recent iterations in the Call of Duty franchise, seen multiple fan-favorite maps from past titles added. While the maps in Treyarch’s 2020 installment have generally been considered solid, the CDL’s competitive maps have grown to be more and more influenced by historic maps.

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We saw Black Ops II’s Standoff drop as part of Season 3 Reloaded, while Raid, Express, and Nuketown all dropped in previous seasons. All four of those maps have been incorporated into the game’s multiplayer, and it looks like a fourth could be on the way.

standoff black ops 2Activision
Standoff is a beloved competitive map from Black Ops 2.

According to TheMW2Ghost, who has shared reliable information in the past, Hijacked will be re-skinned and released as part of Season 4’s content. The map, set on a seized cruise ship in international waters, was a fan favorite in Black Ops II.

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Its small design lent itself to fast-paced gameplay, and it became considered one of the best CoD maps ever made.

In a May 22 tweet, the leaker tweeted what appears to be a quote from a source, which reads: “90% sure Hijacked is coming [to Cold War] next season.” They followed the tweet up to say that another “surprise” remaster is also expected, similar to the reveal of Express earlier in Cold War’s life-cycle.

It will not be the first time Hijacked has been remastered – it returned as Skyjacked in 2015’s Black Ops III. It would be the first time it has returned in a boots-on-the-ground game, though.

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Despite a fairly decent track record for accurate leaks, the implementation of Hijacked remains unconfirmed until either Treyarch or Activision confirm it.

Going off the maps we’ve already seen return and Hijacked’s popularity, it certainly seems possible.

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