Dr Disrespect rages at “unemployed idiots” ruining Warzone

dr disrespect mad at warzoneYouTube/DrDisrespect

Popular streamer Dr Disrespect was left enraged playing Warzone singles and absolutely let loose a barrage of attacks against the game’s playerbase, calling them ‘unemployed cockroaches.’

Since its launch, Warzone has taken the battle royale genre by storm, but it hasn’t been without controversy. Hackers, stream snipers, and unfun mechanics have made the game a nightmare for many.

While other battle royale titles thrive, such as Apex Legends, the brand power that Call of Duty has can’t be understated and as such, streamers such as Dr Disrespect keep coming back to it.

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On November 22, however, after queuing for some solo matches, the two-time absolutely lost it and unleashed his frustration in a fit of rage that has to be seen.

Dr Disrespect freaks out in warzoneYouTube/DrDisrespect
Dr Disrespect has a love-hate relationship with Warzone.

Dr Disrespect melts down on stream over state of Warzone

After being killed and eliminated from an opponent, Doc sighed and called out the Monday morning player for being an unemployed cockroach ruining Warzone.

“There’s literally nobody new playing Warzone anymore!” he explained. “It’s literally the cockroaches and the no-life unemployed idiots playing this game. That’s it!”

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A few moments later, the two-time unleashed his violence, speed, and momentum all over his camera by launching into another rage-filled rant directed towards stream snipers and people still playing the game.

“It’s f**king pathetic. Especially on a Monday. There’s a lot of people who are unemployed. And they’re unemployed by choice, meaning they’re so f**king lazy,” he blasted. “You know what I mean? They are 42-years-old, they’re still with their mom, down in the basement, out of shape. Pathetic.”

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Things got so intense he literally started foaming at the mouth and saliva splashed everywhere, adding to the intensity of the situation.

“They’re sitting there, on their video game system stream sniping the f**king two-time, cause they’ve got nothing else!” he roared. “They got nothing else to do. They got nothing. Nothing going for them. Bunch of f**king pu**ies, right?”

Explosive is probably the best word to describe this rant. Hopefully, Doc’s Warzone experience can improve once RICOCHET anti-cheat goes live and more players find themselves returning to the CoD BR experience.

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