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Call of Duty

Bizarre Warzone exploit lets you fly around the map with super speed

Published: 17/Jun/2020 17:32

by Daniel Cleary


A new Warzone exploit has been found that allows players to fly above Verdansk at extremely high speeds, making you almost untargetable to opponents on the map.

Getting across Verdansk without being shot at by opponents, even with a helicopter or truck, can prove to be a daunting task for even some of the best Warzone players.

However, an unusual exploit has been found which seems to be letting players travel across Verdansk at top speeds, making it much harder opponents to land a shot.

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Infinity Ward
A strange exploit has been found with the helicopter in Warzone.

Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs was among the first to uncover this bizarre bug and revealed that this “super speed” glitch was quite easy to pull off, despite being potentially game-breaking.


He revealed that, with the brief help of a helicopter and a friend, Warzone players could take advantage of this glitch to quickly travel across the map.

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“I’m going to show you a super speed glitch, that can literally teleport you anywhere within a few seconds,” he explained.

Topic starts at 1:15

He revealed that instead of entering the vehicle, as usual, you would simply need to jump onto the landing rail on either side of the helicopter before having your friend pilot it as high as it can go.

Once you reach the maximum altitude, your friend will have to slowly move the chopper forward, which will give you the chance to walk off the rail and pull your parachute instantly, glitching your character in the sky.


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Once in this state, you should be able to move from side to side at a rapid pace and make your way closer to where you want to go.

However, it is worth noting that while you can control the direction of the parachute, the movement mechanics can be somewhat unpredictable during the exploit as it relies on your character glitching through the air to reach high speeds.

Although it does not work perfectly every time, Infinity Ward will likely be looking to patch this bizarre bug in one of the future updates.